Can you get an Android phone without a data plan If you buy an unlocked android with prepaid can you use google voice for all the calls and wifi for internet?

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Yes and No. If you buy it with a new contract for a discount price at AT&T, they will make you get a data plan, but if you get it from T-mobile, a data plan is just recommended.l
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Where can you buy a Google android?

Google Android is the SOFTWARE on a phone not the hardware the first Phone implementing the google software will be the T-Mobile G1 At Launch (October 22nd) the G1 will only be sold online and in 3G supported Cities at T-Mobile Stores . Today there are available new Android phones like HTC MAg (MORE)

What is Google Android?

Google Android is an operating system based on unix and java thatcurrently operates cellular phones and is being experimented as anetbook operating system.. Today you can find a lot of Android phones reviews on youtube,just search for it... The most important feature of Google Android is that it's (MORE)

What cell phones use Android?

Some samples of Android phones are the HTC G1, Nexus One,Sony Ericsson Xperia X10a, Samsung Behold II, Motorola Cliq and many more.

How do you unlock Android phone?

After limited wrong attempts of pattern or password the phone showed you 'forgot password' or 'forgot pattern' .Click on this tab, the phone shows you new window in which you have to fill your google account details. Now you can reset your pattern. If you forgot your google account details then (MORE)

What are uses of android phone?

Everything. It starts with entertainment through thousands of games and eventually ends at the high tech geek stuff like USB tethering and mass storage. Basically everything that you would ever need to do can be found on an android phone. You think it, they do it.

What do you do to get wifi on android?

First step you have to click on the menu bar then after you clickthat you press settings when you press settings go to wifi once youpress wifi you have to find your connection name likeafj873bhnq3bh38 then after you do that click on it and put yourpassword in then put done and wait like 3 to 10 seco (MORE)

What is the use of Android phones?

Android is the operating has lot of advantages .it supports around 2 million of apps. .depending upon the update. and the theme are also good. you get all necessary apps from android market.that's all.

Are all HTC phones android?

No, HTC also has Windows Mobile phones. Here is a list of HTC phones with Android: . HTC J Butterfly . HTC Ruby . HTC Pico . HTC Fireball . HTC Golf . HTC Jewel

Does it cost money to browse the internet through home WIFI without a data plan?

To browse the internet at home without being charged you would have to have access to a unsecured network, or know the password for a secured network. If your phone is connected to a home WiFi, then you do not incur any charges on your mobile network. So data plan or not, everything is routed throug (MORE)

How can you unlock a metro Android phone?

You don't "UNLOCK" that kind of phone,what you might want to do is flash it to another company. In this case you are already at the bottom company because usually phones from sprint get flashed to Metro but never the other way around because sprint will not have a clean ESN on the phone coming from (MORE)

How do you voice dictate on Android phone?

Voice dictation apps are available on the android market such as Alice and Vlingo - these apps have features such as speak texting and asking questions - for instance will I need an umbrella tonight brings up the weather in your area - worth a look at, some are very good and free!

Can you use an Android phone as a WiFi hotspot for ATT phones?

There are two ways to do this. The easy way: Add tethering to your account through AT&T's site and pay an additional fee on your monthly bill. The hard (but free) way: Root your phone and flash a custom ROM with a netfilter-enabled kernel (most ROMs have this feature). Then, you must downloa (MORE)

Does rooting an Android phone means unlocking?

yes and no rooting is a process in which u can install apps which requires root. and u can access dose files which u normally cant no because u cannot download cracked apps like u do in ios by jailbreaking

Where can one buy e-books on a Google Android mobile phone?

Mobile phones are now usually much more than just a simple phone. Many phones play videos, take pictures, and even act as eReaders. To buy eBooks for a Google Android mobile phone, visit Google Play online. Some other good websites for eBooks are Android Central and Kobo Books.

How can you unlock your Android without Google account?

It depends on the context of your question, but I'm assuming you'remeaning what happens if your phone's lockscreen is locked, butyou're unable to unlock it. A couple of ways to unlock it is totype NULL as your passcode. If that doesn't work, enter your Googlename without the prefix. If th (MORE)

Where can you buy cheap Android phones in Malaysia?

Recently the cubot P9 has been released. It has a higher pip thanthe galaxy s4, has a new snapdragon 800 processor, and has thenewest android, 4.4 kitkat. It has an amazing 5" screen with thelatest hardware from google.

Are All cell phones Android phones?

no, they are not, only phones who have the android system. Forexample, apple doesn't have android but most of the htc and samsungphones have android.

What is uses of rooted android phone?

The uses of a rooted android phone are it helps unlock the hiddenfeatures, automates everything, helps block ads in any app andhelps remove pre-installed crapware.

Can i use my android phone as a modem?

Yes, you can make your Android phone as a modem, or more appropriately, a wi-fi hotspot. It is in Settings>Wireless & Networks>More>Tethering & Portable Hotspot. Once in there, setup the wi-fi hotspot, turn it on, and you can connect your laptop, tablet, or any device that requires a connection. Ple (MORE)

How do you erase data permanently on android phone?

I want to sell my Samsung Galaxy S3. It has many privacy about me,so I decided to erase all the data on my phone before selling. Howcan I erase all the data on android phone without recovery? Anyadvise will be appreciated.