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Most of us buy life insurance plan to protect our households in case we die. But even we buy a term plan that that will last for years; we do not actually assume to pass away throughout that time. If your program passed through underwriting, that is a good sign that the life insurance company does not expect you to pass away either. Of course, if you do buy a conventional term policy, and if you do survive it, you will have nothing left at the end of the contract except the total pleasure of having protected your family and enduring.

You Should Still Consider Buying Term Life

Of course, that delivers the concern of why many people never do obtain a policy. Some customers talk to an broker or shop online to get the best insurance plan quotes. Then they add up all of the monthly premiums they may pay over the course of years, and the amount alerts them.
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What is a limited pay whole life insurance that pays you back a same amount of insure amount money after 20 year premium yet the insurance continue?

It is a 20-pay life. You pay premiums for 20 years and it is all paid up and no further premiums are due at that time. The cash value however will not equal the amount you pay

If you have an lic policy whose first quaterly premium has been paid if the policy is canceled by the holder will there be any money back of the premium paid?

It very much depends on the type of life insurance and the terms of the specific policy. In general, however, if it is a term policy, which has no surrender value, there will

You were over paid by insurance company by mistake can they claim this money back?

Of course they can. If I was you I would go ahead and report  this matter to the adjuster that you dealt with to see if it was  incorrect or not. All claims will be audited

Is the premium on a life insurance paid monthly?

Life insurance premiums can be paid in any manner you like just about. Insurance companies generally have payment plans to accommodate any ones desires. Monthly, quarterly, se

Can insurance premium be raised after it is paid?

Yes, they certainly can. If the insurer finds additional information on your driving record such as undisclosed tickets or accidents and/or other risk factors such as undisclo

Must you pay back money paid out by your health insurance company?

I am not an attorney, however from personal experience being in a very bad crash. Once my case was settled, I was informed I had to pay back $40K in medical costs after the at