Can you get electrocuted on an electrical wire if you're not touching the ground?

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['No' is the correct answer to this question. But it's a technical answer. There are a lot of if's, and's or but's involved. How, for instance, how do you touch one wire without touching anything else? On what are you standing? On what are you suspended? See how this works? If one was foolish enough to climb a telephone pole that had high voltage wires atop it and reached out and touched the wire, a fatal shock would almost certainly result. But if one somehow got atop the pole and jumped off and grabbed hold of the wire, no electric shock would occur. Birds sitting on wires don't get electrocuted. Remember that 'No' is the technically correct answer, but there are a lot of "loose ends" that must be thought through when considering this question. There are safety considerations to be assessed, and fatal consequences await the careless individual.] Yes. Most wires have a two or three pathways (conductors) wrapped together. One of these is usually the ground wire. If you come into contact with the ground and the hot wire, you can be shocked. Another way to look at this question is to think of "ground" as standing on the ground. If a person touches a live wire with a single contact point, but their body is not touching the ground or a grounded surface or a grounded object, then that person will not be electrocuted. That's because a complete circuit can not be made until you are grounded, or until you touch another circuit wire at the same time. You will not know for sure unless you have a test instrument. A wise person would not guess. For example, think of when a bird sits on a live high voltage wire between poles. The bird does not get electrocuted because the bird is not grounded. That bird is not completing a circuit path and cannot be shocked. However, if the voltage is high enough, the voltage can go right through the air (think lightning). A link is provided to the Wikipedia article on electric shock. It's worth a skim.
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What is the depth requirement for an under ground electric house wire?

Answer . \nIt depends on the voltage and if it is a branch ciriut or a service. If it is under 30 v olts 6 inches will work. If it is 120 volt branch circiut it needs to be on a GFI, on a 20a breaker and either in a condiut or uf cable to be 12 in . If it is not on a gfi , and it is over 20 a th (MORE)

Why do birds not get electrocuted when they sit on electrical wires?

They are only on one wire at a time, so there is no circuit forcurrent. As long as they don't become grounded to something, ortouch two wires at the same time, they are fine. Generally,high-voltage wires are widely-separated to prevent arcing; thatalso helps prevent animals from touching two wires a (MORE)

How come birds on electric wires dont get electrocuted?

For an electric current to pass through the bird's body, there mustbe a potential difference (voltage) across its legs. But its legsare connected to a very good conductor which means that the bird'slegs must be at the same potential -no potential difference, noshock!

Why do you get an electric shock by touching a bare wire?

electric shock is a physiological symptom caused by an electric current flowing though the body. the current causes heating and, at higher levels, burns, and eventually death. The bare wire has an electric potential of some substantial voltage above ground. This potential causes a current to flow th (MORE)

What is the use of the grounding wire in an electrical circuit?

The grounding pin of devices are connected to an independent ground wire. This wire is used for a direct path back to the distribution panel independent of the neutral. On a split phase secondary the neutral is used by other circuits on the system and indirectly makes its way back to the distributio (MORE)

Why do not birds get electrocuted when they stand on wires?

With electricity, in order to be electrocuted, you need to begrounded. Just like with a plug in and the extra prong at thebottom to keep it grounded. A bird can stand on a wire and not getelectrocuted because the wire does not actually touch the pole thatkeeps it in the air. Without being grounded, (MORE)

An electric fence exists around a garden which has eight wires seven of which are hot one which has no power and is not grounded Why on touching this wire does one receive a small shock?

There could be two explanations. One that there is an induction from the other wires depending on how close the proximity of this wire is to the others. The second and most likely is that there is a resistive load separating it from the other wires. Shut the fence off and check the junctions where t (MORE)

If you touch live wires with a length of wood can you be electrocuted?

There are two conditions at play here. It depends on the moisture content of the wood and the potential of the voltage. If the wood is old and dry there is less chance of getting a shock over a newly milled length of wood. On the other hand if the voltage is is high enough you will get a flash over (MORE)

Why don't birds on wires get electrocuted?

because the wires are covered in a insulator ( rubber) and that prevents the birds from getting electrocuted. some wires are not coved in insulators so if the birds are not touching two seprate wires then they will not get electrocuted

Why do get electrocuted if you're wet?

the metal is a conducting metal and when this touches water it becomes the second conductor and so it sends an electrical surge to what ever is touching the water (you!).

Why don't squirrels get electrocuted on a wire?

When the squirrel is on a wire it is not grounded and not touching another wire so there is no path for electric current. As a rule, power lines are kept widely-separated so that animals can't touch two wires at the same time. Even so, on rare occasions, a squirrel will manage to get into trouble... (MORE)

How do you check the ground wires of the electrical system?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hertz supply service. A good way to check the continuity of a ground wire in the electrical system is to measure the voltage from the "hot" wire to ground. This voltage should read the same as what you would read from "hot" to neutral. The reasoni (MORE)

How would you identify if an Electrical Appliance had a grounding Wire?

If you have a brand new appliance (hair dryer, toaster, fridge, tv etc) and it comes with a plug with three prongs it has a ground. If it comes with two prongs it is not grounded. The only time an electical appliance should not have three prongs is if it is "double insulated" double insulated means (MORE)

When a person touches a live wire and if he is standing on the ground he gets an electric shock why?

Current will go to ground whatever the ground may be regardless ofwhat is in the way. It is called a ground because that is exactlywhat it is, going to ground. Same reason lightening hits the earthor something that is connected to the earth. Current will seek thepath of least resistance. That's why (MORE)

Why is it not advisable to touch electric wires with wet hands?

Any voltage can be lethal if enough current is allow to flow. Human skin has a form of resistance to electric current flow however if the skin is moist or wet the resistance decrease to a point where IT WILL BREAKDOWN THE BARRIER AND ALLOW CURRENT FLOW

Why shouldn't you ground electrical wiring?

Grounding is an important part of all electrical wiring like your home. Without proper grounding you are asking for all sorts of strange problems and safety issues. The power company provides electricity to your main panel and a good ground is required. This is usually a metal rod in the ground near (MORE)

What happens if two conducting wires in an electric cord touch?

In the trade it is called a short circuit. It is a very very low resistance load that will create a very very high current flow. This is the very reason that circuits are, or should be, protected with the proper size breakers or fuses, to interrupt this fault current flow.

Will a man get electrocuted if he holds a high tension wire without any contact to ground?

If this is homework, the answer is no - there is nowhere for the current to flow to, no current will flow and it is the flow of current through the body that does the damage. If you're contemplating trying it, the answer is maybe - in real life, you can get into a position where the gap between you (MORE)

Where is the electrical ground wire on a vehicle?

The negative post on the battery is connected to the chassis (or frame) of the vehicle through a heavy wire. There may also be a heavy wire connected directly to the engine. In any case, the engine, frame and body are all electric ground points. All other electrical devices in the car use the fra (MORE)

Why when you touch a 240V wire do you not get electrocuted?

For you to get electrocuted your body needs a return path for the voltage to get back to ground. Usually your shoes break this return path. Even though your whole body is up to the 240 volt potential you will not feel it. If the soles of your shoes were leather, or standing in water there might be a (MORE)

What is the color of the ground wire in an electrical cord?

If it is in the US, Canada or other countries using similar wiring codes, only Green insulated copper wire should be used for the protective safety "Ground" wire. If the insulation on the other wires is colored then White is intended for the "Neutral" and Black for the "Hot" or "Live". . If it (MORE)

Can you get electrocuted on two electrical wires off the ground?

You need to have to close the circuit to ground to get a shock. that is why birds sitting on an uninsulated power line don't fry. If there were a potential difference between the two wires you would provide a path for a current through your body. If the wires were at the same potential, no current w (MORE)

Can you be electrocuted if not touching a solid surface?

Yes. All sorts of material conduct electricity to varying degrees, including solids, liquids and gasses. Also, the voltage is critical. Extremely high voltage electricity can arc for tens to hundreds of meters, such as in a high power Tesla coil or naturally occurring electricity.

Can I get electrocuted touching an electric pole if I'm not grounded?

First off you should not be touching any high voltage source whether you are grounded or not. A pole isn't typically dangerous, it is the wires on the pole. A path to ground is required for a current to flow. Technicians working on high voltage power line often touch the lines and ensure they are no (MORE)

Can the white wire electrocute you?

Not if the wiring is correctly installed. The neutral should be at the same potential as the ground wire which is a zero or equal. To receive a shock your body needs to complete the circuit from a hot wire to ground or neutral. The above answer is not entirely correct. There are some instances whe (MORE)

Can neutral and ground wires be bonded downstream of electrical box?

Yes, its a good idea to ground sensitive equipment at the surge protector. You can do this with an adapter that isolates house ground from the ground wire you are going to run from a water pipe im guessing, if you are still not sure you want to combine them. Shorting the path and and using heavy cop (MORE)

Do your tires touch the ground when you're hydroplaning?

No, a thin layer of water builds up between the tires and the road, so the car looses contact, a tyre has threads built into it to push and drain water from beneath the tyre, thats why it is usually when tyres are worn bare that aquaplaning occurs.

Are neutrial and ground wires to be separated in electric main box?

Yes, if possible, connect the grounds to the ground bus bar and theneutrals to the other side on the neutral bus bar. This is just incase you ever install a sub panel. It is not a violation of the NECcode to connect them to the same bus bar but IMO it isunprofessional and can cause problems later on (MORE)

Can you get an electrical shock if you touch a wire covered in plastic?

No, the covering on the wire is insulation. This insulation is used to isolate the wire from any grounding medium, this includes a person. It is not a good idea to go around touching wires as there may be a nick in the insulation. If the nick goes all the way through to the conductor, and you touch (MORE)

Can Electricity cause an electrical wire to jump when lying on the ground?

Yes, it is the magnetic field that is generated when conductors are in a short circuit high current condition. This same action can be seen on a welders cables. When the welders cables are wound up and are hanging in a big loop from a single support there is a lot of conductor lying in parallel with (MORE)

Why a bird is not electrocuted when it is perched on a wire?

Oh an electrician birdy question! I love this one! As an electrician and bird lover I can tell you, but not because of the bird lover part. Electricity is the exchange of tiny particles called electrons. Everything in your house that uses electricity is connected to the ground so that the electric (MORE)

How are ground wires a safety measure against electric shock?

If the live wire should touch the casing of an appliance, thecasing would become live and give electric shocks. The ground wireprevents this because it provides a low resistance route to earthand any current flows away safely. Because of the low resistance, alarge current flows and blows the fuse, t (MORE)