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Can you get high off cigarettes?

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Yes you can get high off cigarettes. If you take a lot of hits quick you will feel really light headed and tingly everywhere on your body for a good 2-3 minutes. You stop feeling this the more you smoke.
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Do most kids in high school smoke cigarettes regularly?

  No. Most high school students don't smoke because they took the D.A.R.E. program in Elementary School. The program teaches kids the dangers of smoking, marijuana, alcoho

If you smoke cigarettes can you still play high school football?

You can, but you can't do them at the same time. Smoking while playing looks weird. And also, you can't be caught smoking cig's ever while doing highschool sports, or else you

Can you get high off Benztropine?

Yessir! Take 2-4mg and u'll "trip" for 48 hrs. You'll see people that aren't there, talk to them, hear people talk when they aren't talking, hear voices, etc. You'll also be e

Can you dip cigarettes in cough syrup to get high?

No, it either breaks down into toxic chemicals or is just destroyed depending on the active ingredient. Even if it did work the amount you would get into a cigarette (even if

Is it possible to get high off cigarettes?

Yes, you can experience symptoms that mimic a "high" if you have smoked too many cigarettes too close together or in a short time. Besides an array of chemicals, cigarettes

How many years are cut off your life when you smoke a cigarette?

One cigarette takes about 11 minutes off your life, according to  research by the University of Bristol. With a typical pack  containing 20 cigarettes, this means that a per

Can you get high on smoking cigarettes?

No you cannot. Nicotine, which is contained in cigarette tobacco, is a depressant. In otherwords it is a downer, not an upper. Uppers include marijuana, cocaine, and other ill