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Can you get high off cigarettes?

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Yes you can get high off cigarettes. If you take a lot of hits quick you will feel really light headed and tingly everywhere on your body for a good 2-3 minutes. You stop feeling this the more you smoke.
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Can you get a high on a cigarette?

It depends on your experience. You will feel the nicotine no matter what though depending on how used to it you are it may take a few. If you want a kind of high that is simil

Can you get high on smoking cigarettes?

No you cannot. Nicotine, which is contained in cigarette tobacco, is a depressant. In otherwords it is a downer, not an upper. Uppers include marijuana, cocaine, and other ill

How do you get high off a cigarette?

you will need;   about 15 to 20 bud seeds, a bottle of tequila, cigarettes, and patients.    now what you do is let the seeds sit in the bottle for about a month. (

Is it possible to get high off cigarettes?

Yes, you can experience symptoms that mimic a "high" if you have smoked too many cigarettes too close together or in a short time. Besides an array of chemicals, cigarettes

Are cigarette bins good for high schools?

By allowing cigarette bins to be in high school, the administration is giving consent to the tobacco use of minors. If the purpose is so parents or teachers can put out their