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Can you get high off cigarettes?

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Yes you can get high off cigarettes. If you take a lot of hits quick you will feel really light headed and tingly everywhere on your body for a good 2-3 minutes. You stop feeling this the more you smoke.
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Can you get high off of raw garlic?

  It is not well documented but high doses of raw garlic,even as little as one clove has been known to cause symptoms of "euphoria" in patients who were prescribed raw ga (MORE)

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Can you get high off Adderall if you have ADHD?

Yes; Adderall contains amphetamine which is a controlled substance known for causing psychological dependence. Amphetamine can get any person, including a person who has valid (MORE)

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Can you get high off propoxyphen-apap?

A bit, it just makes you feel better and everything bad seems to go away. Also a bit drowsy. Careful bout the dosage though, I'd stay under 100mg until you know what it does (MORE)

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Can you get high off of phenazopyridine?

No, it's just a dye that works as a painkiller for the bladder. It doesn't help pain in general, like a narcotic does. Phenazopyridine is non-narcotic. You can, however, if yo (MORE)

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Can you get high off of cyproheptadine?

yes take 1-2 and you feel really tired and relaxed sleeping feels great i love this medication it gets you really high you wont even want to move after taking it

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How many years are cut off your life when you smoke a cigarette?

One cigarette takes about 11 minutes off your life, according to  research by the University of Bristol. With a typical pack  containing 20 cigarettes, this means that a per (MORE)