Can you get internet on iPod Touch?

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You can through wifi, but only if you have an available wireless internet connection.
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How do you get internet on the iPod touch?

You would need to connect wirelessly. On the touch, click on Settings, then Wi-Fi. Select a wireless network to connect to (entering the WPA key if necessary). Then, you sh

Do you have to have a connection for the internet on the ipod touch?

yes you do its called wifi you click on settings when you turn on your ipod touch and the click on wifi which should be at the very top click on it and it will search for conn

How do you get internet on an iPod touch?

You have to open up the safari. If there is no connection it will not be connected and it will not work. Check the upper left hand corner to see if you have a connection. If y

How does iPod touch get internet?

well u have to be in a place that has free wifi like wondercuts or the library. maybe u can get it at ur house if there is a code on the side of the box by ur computer if u ha
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How do you put internet into a ipod touch?

you go to the settings app, then click on wifi. turn on, click on one of the wifi addresses that loaded up, and you may or maynot have to type in the wifi password.
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How do you go into the internet with the ipod touch?

if on a wifi hot spot or have a router at home, on your ipod go to settings/wi-fi and select any available connection and you should be ready to go, if a lock appear that mean
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Has the Apple iPod Touch have internet?

Yes, the Apple iPod has internet, though it has a monthly fee, which I am not sure of the price. So, when you get your Apple iPod Touch, be prepared with at least $20-30 in ex