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Can you get pregnant if a boy ejaculates near you in a swimming pool?

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There's a 1 in a million chance it could happen, depending mostly on how close you were to him and what you did immediately afterwards. In almost every conceivable situation, you have no chance of this happening.

It is very unlikely to happen, but never say never when it comes to reproduction. Nature has designed the system to be highly 'productive' and whenever sperm and egg come near each other, there is a chance, even if it is a very slim chance. The chlorine will kill the sperm instantly there is no chance of that happening.
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Can you get pregnant from swimming in the same pool?

it depends on what your ob gyne said.. you should consult them first. Would depend more on pool water temperature and chemical balance than what the Dr said. Unless pool wate

If you ejaculate in a swimming pool can it get a girl pregnant?

More than likely not due to how big the pool is and the chlorine in the water. BUT it probably depends how close you are to the girl in the pool as well. If you're both rubbin

If the boy does not ejaculate can the girl get pregnant?

YES! During sexual arousal, the male releases a small amount of "Pre" fluid that's purpose is to help in the lubrication process of intercourse. Although the chances of pregna

Can you get pregnant if the boy doesn't ejaculate?

The short answer to this question is yes, a girl can become pregnant if a boy has unprotected intercourse with her but does not orgasm or fully ejaculate within her. This is t

Can you get pregnant if a man ejaculates near your vagina and she is still a virgin?

There is a possibility, if any of the sperm got near enough the entrance of the vagina and happened to swim it's way into the uterus, than yes... it's not common, but it's bes

Can you get pregnant if a boy doesn't ejaculate?

There is a possibility of pregnancy occurring if there is a chance the boy released pre-ejaculatory fluid. Bearing this in mind, I would advise you to take the morning after p

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Can you get pregnant from swimming in a swimming pool?

No, you cannot get pregnant from simply swimming in a swimming pool. However, you might get pregnant if you happened to have sex in a swimming pool.
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Can you get pregnant in a swimming pool?

    Answer     Free swimming sperm in water is not likely to make you pregnant. It will not likely evacuate by cleansing if the sperm is deposited by virtue o

If a boy ejaculates on your vagina are you pregnant?

Not necessarily, but that is a start. Pregnancy occurs when semen (the fluid a male ejaculates) gets inside the vagina during a time when the female has released an egg. Spe