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Can you get your contractors license if you owe child support?

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Yes, unless the court orders a suspension due to arrears. see links
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How much child support do you owe?

Well typically the minimum is $156 in the state of Washington. Then you owe back support from the date the baby was born. Then if you have problems paying it they can make sur

Can you get a marriage license if you owe child support?

Possibly, but as a common sense issue, you would get the arrears paid up before marrying again and keep them that way. If not, your new wife would have to cope with this issue

Can you get an inheritance if you owe child support?

A lien can be placed on an inheritance for child support arrears. If the custodial parent knows of your pending inheritance a claim can be filed in the estate and the executor

Where do you check if you owe child support?

you can start by calling your local child support agency in your state and they can tell you if you do or dont Answer You can check by reviewing your file at the court t

Can a person get a fishing license if they owe child support in Nebraska?

Not if there are arrears of more than $2500. . If there is a legitimate reason, such as unemployment, the obligor can still file for a reduction in them. Most Child Support

Can Texas deny a marriage license if you owe back child support?

A child support statement is included on the Texas marriage license application and states, "I AM NOT PRESENTLY DELINQUENT IN THE PAYMENT OF COURT-ORDERED CHILD SUPPORT. TRUE