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Cory Baxter Cory Baxter (Kyle Massey), is a 16-year old teenager who lives at the White House. Cory lives with his dad Victor Baxter and is best friends with Newt Livingston, and Meena Paroom, on whom he had a crush. But later admitted that he and Meena were just friends and said "Being friends feels, just right". Cory often is irritated with the President's daughter Sophie Martinez, because of her two-facedness, and also with Candy Smiles, as she keeps calling him "C-Bear". He usually looks to his dad for advice. Cory occasionally cooks up various "get-rich-quick" schemes, all of which end badly. He plays the drums and has a great sense of rhythm, which is why he is part of the band DC3 founded by Newt, Cory, and Meena. His catchphrases in this series are "Coming Daddy!","You Know How I Do.","Dang!" and "Daddy No!". Cory is similar to his big sister Raven, and they both are always getting into some crazy situation, but in the end they find a way out of it. Newt Livingston III Newton "Newt" Livingston III (Jason Dolley) is 16 and the son of a senator and the Chief Justice, he is the best friend of Meena Paroom and Cory Baxter. He is a bit clueless and he loves rock and roll. He also has some similar characteristics as Raven's friend Chelsea Daniels, and Cory's friend Larry. He loves to say, "Awesome!" at something that is not really 'awesome', like when the school students were getting flu shots. Somehow, he is not smart enough to figure out obvious things, yet he has the knowledge to solve confusing things. He plays the guitar (his favorite being a Squire Stratocaster) , and is part of DC3. He also knows about Cory's crush on Meena. He appears to use jeans and chains whenever he is not in any particular costume. He is funny and immature. Sophie once had a crush on him. He is like Chelsea because he doesn't really notice the obvious and is really friendly. Meena Paroom Meena Paroom (Maiara Walsh) is 16 and the daughter of the Bahavian[1] ambassador to Bahavia. She likes to wear American clothing and to listen to rock music, which her father frowns upon. Jason Stickler, the son of the head of the CIA, is obsessed with her to the point of spying on her constantly. Meena's father is very disapproving of Cory and Newt. In Ain't Miss Bahavian he once banned her from being near them because he believed that they had hypnotized her to disrespect their country. Her father later decided to let them still be friends after Meena came clean about the secrets she had been keeping. It's obvious that Cory has a crush on her, and he thinks she will like him back if he does nice things for her; however Meena sees them as just friends. Cory has been seen now to think of them just as friends as well. She has two different crushes in some different episodes, them being Craig Berkowitz and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Meena is similar to Eddie (from That's So Raven). They both have a love for music, and are the only gender of their group of three. According to Maiara Walsh, her Bahavian accent is a mix of Brazilian and Arabic. In one episode, it is revealed that she was taught to hate Dubinians because of an 800-year-old misunderstanding, but in the end, she forgave and forgot. Sophie Martinez Sophie Martinez (Madison Pettis) is the 8-year-old daughter of President Martinez. She is known as "America's Angel" to which she responds with "That's what they call me!" She is first seen as cute and precious, but later we see her as clever, sneaky, and conniving. She likes to bother Cory, and drags him into doing things he really doesn't want to do like dress up, tea parties, and playing girly or childish board games, usually giving him sass or backtalk. Cory sometimes uses her for his own advantages in return which she ends up finding out and uses against him. They end up resolving their situation at the end of each episode having more respect for each other with the help of Chef Victor, Cory's father. According to a line in the episode Mall of Confusion, Sophie and her family are from Sacramento, California. In the Wish Gone Amiss special (During the "Cory's Wish" scene), she was the main antagonist because Cory was always shirking his responsibilities. Sophie is similar to Stanley in That's So Raven, as they both get on Cory's LAST nerves and they both get him into trouble. In one episode, she got grounded because she and her friend Tanisha was dressed inappropriate at Haley's birthday party. President Richard Martinez President Richard Martinez (John D'Aquino) is the "President of the United States" and he enjoys saying "The President of the United States" to introduce himself (And often looks directly at the camera when he says it). He is Sophie's father and always does his best to be a good president and father at the same time. He often gets mixed up in Cory's schemes and has to deal with problems involving the government and the United States because of Cory. There are times in some episodes when he, like Cory, shirks his responsibilities, even when he was a tour guide in the "Wish Gone Amiss" episode. Prior to becoming president, Martinez served as Governor of California. Victor Baxter Victor Baxter (Rondell Sheridan) is the new chef at the White House. He is Cory and Raven Baxter's father. He often resolves conflicts between other characters although he often conflicts with Samantha Samuels. A running gag is that he often embarrasses himself by misinterpreting what people say to him. Example: When the president asked him what he thought of the tour guide outfit (an outfit which included a skirt), Victor said that he would have to shave his legs, but he would wear it if the president said so. He also often says "I'll go pack..." when Cory gets in trouble, and another of his catchphases is "Here come the pain..." President Martinez came to his restaurant, The Chill Grill, to try his food. Then the president decided to have Victor be the new executive chef in the White House. Victor's appearances on the show are always brief yet comical. Samantha Samuels Samantha Samuels (Lisa Arch) is President Richard Martinez's Personal Assistant. She is very strict and likes things fit to the President's needs. She hates Cory's schemes in which he tries to make money, which end up involving the President. Chef Victor affectionately describes Samantha as "overly stressed". She likes bird calls, and can do them better than the President. Samantha does however have a soft side which she showed to Sophie during her slumber party in "I Ain't Got No Rhythm" as it was her first one and she was ecstatic. Sophie sometimes assigns her to do her homework. It is revealed in The Presidential Seal that Samantha has heterochromia, when she said that she only had one grey eye. Recurring characters ------------------------ Jason Stickler Jason Stickler (Jake Thomas) attends Washington Prep with the characters and is the rival of Cory Baxter. Many characters just call him by his last name. He has a massive crush and an obsession on Meena and often challenges Cory, by humility, ways to win her heart, even though it's obvious that Meena has no feelings for him because he hasn't learned that he can't make her love him, it takes time for a friendship to grow. And in the end, he was always bested by Cory. Jason's father is the director of the CIA and equips him with all the latest CIA technology. Jason often uses the CIA devices to his own benefit, although his plans usually go wrong. He is also sometimes seen with an 80s-style haircut and is very proficient with the keyboard. His Father is 001. He is a fan of Sci-fi movies and films. And much like Sophie, he's sometimes the antagonist and sometimes Cory, Newt, and Meena's friend since he and Cory had dinner together at the Purple Lobster after fighting over Meena on the bathroom ceiling and he helped Cory sneak the President (who was actually Burt Ponsky, the assistant manager of Cheese In A Cup) out of the mall and back into the White House and he helped Newt on his date and he needed Cory and Newt to be his friends since his robot was broken and he has been mentioned going to the movies with Cory, Newt and Meena. Candy Smiles Candy Smiles (Jordan Puryear) is a preppy, cute, and sometimes annoying girl who has a crush on Cory. At first, Cory did not like Candy; however they eventually end up becoming a couple. She is the only person besides the principal who knows the lyrics to her school's song. She is very clingy to Cory and is very organized. She is always making Cory feel weird by talking about raising a family, when she's only 15. She also has extensive knowledge of pressure points in the neck that she uses to immobilize Cory when she is mad at him. Tanisha Tanisha (Zolee Griggs) is a bratty, spoiled 3rd grader who is one of Sophie's classmates. As claimed by Sophie, she is the most popular girl in her class. She has a similarity to Muffy's little sister, Buffy from the TV Show, That's So Raven. She is one of the Sunshine Girls with Sophie. Tanisha cheated her way to being class president by fake crying. She appears in several different episodes. However, in some episodes it can be questioned that Tanisha and Sophie are friends, even though at first she seemed like Sophie's enemy. In I Ain't Got No Rhythm she nearly left Sophie's sleepover because she did not like Samantha Haley Haley (Brianne Tju) is one of Sophie's best friends. She hates school or any kind of work. Haley's mom also taught her that you should talk to people behind their backs when you don't like them (which is shown in the episode 'Making The Braid'). Haley is a Sunshine Girl, like Tanisha and Sophie. She also really likes ice cream, and was part of Sophie's singing group "The Pink Cupcakes" along with Tanisha. She can also be described as somewhat high-strung.
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