Can you group battle in Pokemon GO?

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Yes, you can join with lots of other people to battle powerful Pokemon.
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How do you go to battle frontier in Pokemon?

After you defeated the E4 and Complete the National dex and your mom will give you a ss ticket and Scott will call you and you will meet him in the boat and he will tell you t

Where do you go to battle in Pokemon platinum?

well if you want to battle wild Pokemon you have to search for them in patches of grass and on the water in the game and if you want to battle trianers they are along paths "r

How do you go to the battle tower in pokemon diamond?

After beating the elite four, go to snowpoint city, get on that cool ship with the drills on the front, and you will arive at the fight zone. You imediatly meet up with Your r
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Were go after you battled heatran Pokemon Dion?

Basically, unless you haven't caught Giratina, you just try to "catch em all" OR even more fun, you buy an action replay at Gamestop and surf the web for cheat codes. You can
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Can you gym battle on Pokemon GO at home?

If your home is close to a Pokémon gym, then yes. Otherwise, youwill have to walk closer to the gym in order to interact with it.
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How do you battle in the Pokemon GO gym?

First, you have to reach level 5. Get in range of a gym, tap on it,and there should be a button on the bottom right that lets youbattle.