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Can you grow coleus in the winter indoors?

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yes! This is one of the favorites of granny. Just take a cutting (the top 1/2 of a stem) and place it in clean, cool water in the kitchen window. Takes about 2 weeks to grow roots. It will grow happily in the water with no further care than to keep the water in it. Replant in the spring.
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Can you grow coleus in the winter?

I'd suggest bringing your coleus plant inside during the winter if you haven't already. Coleus plants need little sunlight, which, during the winter is great, but also need te

How do you grow Italian heather indoors?

It is recommended to plant an Italian heather outside in the fall.  However, you can plant one indoors in a very large pot. The plant  will need adequate light and water.

Will the tomato plant grow back after the winter or should you dig it up and store indoors?

Tomato is an annual, meaning it will not last after more than one season. Once it has flowered and produced its fruit, it has no more usefulness, so can be composted.  Next

Do cows stay indoors in winter?

Most beef cattle don't. Some dairy cows don't.

How do you grow a cacti indoors?

Many cacti and succulents are extremely well adapted to living in houses where the relative humidity is low (10-30 percent). They require only modest amounts of water and fert

How do you protect coleus in winter?

Check to see what Zone you live in to determine if the coleus can winter outside. If it's questionable whether or not is can survive, you can increase the chances by using a r

Can corn and peas grow indoors?

Yes. Corn and peas are best grown in a greenhouse where they will get natural sunlight. Be sure to water frequently as well.
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How long does it take for a black dragon coleus to grow?

Mine germinated in just short of a week, about a week and a half  after germination they had grown to about two inches tall. At week  3-4 almost the entire leaf has gained t