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In principle, I suppose, but you ought to question if it's really worth it. Many entering undergraduates(me included) have this notion that they have to cover EVERYTHING during their undergraduate careers,and won't feel complete unless they have studied everything in engineering AND history. But it's notreally worth the effort, because it's not vocational training. Your primary mission is learning howto think, and that's really best accomplished by concentrating on one thing at a time, and studying it to an advanced level. Do that one thing well, get out of school, join the real world, thenimprove yourself by studying other things that interest you. If you're going on to graduate school,people won't be impressed by your quadruple major, either, because there you really are expected toconcentrate on a subject.  New AnswerWhile i agree with some of the things mentioned above, who am i to say what classes you should take. I personally majored in Finance with a minor in Psychology and have found that the minor seperates me from some of the other candidates and was told in several interviews that they liked the fact I had some backround in psychology.
Furthermore yes I believe most colleges allow for a double major with a minor. My wife received a double degree with a minor.
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