Can you have a miscarriage without any spotting or bleeding?

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Can you have a miscarriage without any spotting or bleeding?
  • It is possible for the fetus to die and for you to not bleed quite yet. eventually though the tissues and the lining of the uterus will need to be shed.

  • Very unlikely without some sort of bleeding. Bleeding is a good indication of the start of the miscarriage process and starts as spotting, intensifying over time and normally has cramping associated ... Unless there has been some sort of violent trauma to the abdominal region. Even then, there is bleeding. Even drugs such as the abortion pill cause, in effect, a miscarrigae & there is a LOT of bleeding involved there.

  • Eventually you will bleed, but this may not always be immediately after the baby dies.

  • i went for my 12 week scan and found out my twins had died at 8 weeks i couldn't undetstant this at the time. iad to go to hospital 3 days later and have pesserys inserted to help it come away.

  • If you have a miscarriage, you HAVE to bleed to rid your body of the pregnancy. It is possible for the baby to die and you not to bleed. If this is the case then the doctor will send you for a procedure called a D&C which will scrap the unviable pregnancy out.

  • Actually, yes. It's absolutely possible to have a miscarriage without bleeding.
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