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Can you have heavy bleeding at the beginning of your pergnacy?

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Many people do experience "spotting" at the beginning of their pregnancy. However, although it is common, it is not a "normal" sign of a healthy pregnancy. Therefore, I would consult your GYN.
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Can you have heavy bleeding and still be pregnant?

yes,in fact u can bleed heavy for a month and still be pregnant brothers baby mama had a period and shes still pregnant and her mother bleed for like 3 months and still was pr

When is heavy afterbirth bleeding too heavy?

\n. \nHeavey bleeding is too heavy after is lasts for more than 4 days. It should at most last for two days and then begin to lessen. The entire postpartum bleeding process l

Is bleeding heavy normally?

This depends totally on where you have been cut, what food you have eaten, what position you are in, whether you are taking any blood thinning drugs such as aspirin or warfari

Should there be heavy bleeding with an IUD?

Generally, yes. Especially with the Paragard (non-hormonal) IUD. Heavy periods are an expected side effect of the copper IUD, but will likely lighten up a bit after the first

How heavy is breakthrough bleeding in pregnancy?

It's similar to a menstrual period...perhaps somewhat lighter, and shorter in duration than menses. It can happen around the times when your period would be do, were you not p

Can implantation bleeding be light then heavy?

Implantation bleeding can vary in every women! It can be light pinkish / brownish also be red or bright red, it has to be less then your normal period! Sometimes women get it

What amount of bleeding is called heavy bleeding?

2.2L of blood is critical in any medical emergency. Anywhere near 1L is serious. There are many factors and reasons for bleeding. If the blood is mixed with other fluids suc

You are 24 and you bleed heavy for a month?

Take contraceptive birth control pills, it decreases the days in your period and makes your periods a lot lighter. [Contact your doctor for more information]
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Why does periods have heavy bleeding?

Periods or; evert month an ovula (egg) is ripend and the womb is prepared for fertilization. When this doesn't happen, the ovula needs to be cast out. To do this, slime comes

Is it a period or heavy implantation bleeding?

...that depends a lot on day of conception(not neccassarily sex, but conception can be between the day of sex and three days after). If its around 5 days after conception then