Can you have natural birth after a cesarean?

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As long as there are no complications, you can still have a natural birth.
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What is natural birth?

natural childbirth . n. A method of childbirth in which medical intervention is minimized and the mother often practices relaxation and breathing techniques to control pain and ease delivery. (

What is a cesarean section?

It is the surgical delivery of a baby through a mother's abdominal (belly) wall. If for some reason the baby can't deliver vaginally--pelvis too small, wrong position, placenta in the way (aka previa)--an incision is made through the abdominal wall, and another through the wall of the uterus (womb, (MORE)

Can you have a vaginal birth after having 2 cesareans?

It's possible , but not very likely. Each C-section increases your chances of having another with each suceeding pregnancy . I'm sorry, because I know you feel like youv'e been hit by a small truck .I added to your answer as well. Your obstetrician must feel it is necessary for your health and/or th (MORE)

How is cesarean done?

There are several different techniques for performing a cesarean section ("C-section"), but they all are roughly similar.. The first step is to sedate and anesthetize the mother. Traditionally this was done with full anesthesia which put the mother to sleep temporarily. Now, however, this is common (MORE)

How do you control birth naturally?

There is Natural Family Planning. Once you've stabilized your menstrual pattern (how many days between your periods), you can easily chart this on your calendar. There are currently two methods. If you see mucus with milky white consistency in your underwear, this means that you have released a (MORE)

What is cesarean?

A caesarean is a surgical procedure done on a pregnant woman when the labor becomes complicated or even life-threatening. Incisisons are made through a mother's abdomen and uterus. Learn more about it by following this link:

If you have hpv will you be able to have natural birth?

I had HPV and three normal vaginal births. All warts were unseen at the time and I prayed none were hiding in the tissues in birth canal. Docs wouldn't do C section a they saw no threat. Babies fine. Just be sure you have no outbreaks at the onset of labor. Have them check birthcanal well.. Usually (MORE)

Did Jamie Lynn Spears have a natural birth?

No, she had a c-section. She prob had cesarean because shes so rich and didnt want to be in any pain or do any of the pushing or tearing of her va-jay-jay. Freakin WIMP!! If you are a big girl enough to have sex, you should have a natural birth (with or without drugs). She could have had an epidural (MORE)

What are the dangers of a cesarean?

Some dangers are risks of certain infections. For the baby, some risks are a possible injury occurring from the surgical procedure, breathing problems, breastfeeding problems, and a possible adverse reaction from the anesthesia given to the mother. Some risks for BOTH the mother and child are develo (MORE)

Why have a cesarean?

A Caesarean is used if the labor becomes complicated with problems like fetal distress or a failure to progress (dystocia). They are also done if the labor can possibly become life-threatening to the mother or child

Who is youngest girl to have a natural birth?

The youngest with credible documentation was Lina Medina who was 4 years old when she became pregnant and 5 years old when she gave birth. Doctors felt it unsafe for her to give birth naturally at 5 years old so they performed a Caesarean section. The youngest well documented case of natural birth w (MORE)

What is the greatest number of natural multiple births?

In 1994 a woman in Argentina naturally received duodecaplets or twelve babies at one time. Sadly, she lost all twelve babies. This is the highest number of multiples conceived spontaneously. [naturally] [without the help of fertility treatments] 10 babies know that those 8 the octuple (MORE)

What is cesarean birth?

Also known as a c-section. I refer you to or for a better explanation, but when the vaginal opening is not big enough, they must cut the woman (upward, I believe) to have more room for the baby to come out. I think that's a poor explanation, but I hope it helps you.----- (MORE)

How much will it cost to have a a natural birth?

This answer depends on so many factors: in which area of the country the person lives, how much the hospital charges for various services, whether or not anesthesia was consulted (for an epidural or other medication), the length of the hospital stay, whether or not there are any complications, and t (MORE)

Cesarean section vs vaginal birth?

A C-section is done when labor becomes complicated and even possibly life-threatening. So the baby is born by being surgically removed from the mother instead of going through the vaginal.

Who invented Cesarean?

I thought the cesaerean was first performed on Cleopatra to deliver her son Cesarion (hence the term "cesarean"). But, wikipedia has other ideas.... In any case, the practice has been around a while but has never been as prevalent as it is today. . There are three theories about the origin of t (MORE)

Can Boston terriers give birth naturally?

Yes, Mine just did and it went great for her. French bulldogs and English Bulldogs need C-Sections a lot of the time if not all the time. It is still a good idea to have a number for a 24 hour Vet clinic just in case a puppy gets stuck or a placenta does not come out. There are many great videos on (MORE)

Is a cesarean section dangerous after 3 births?

Well, not really. C-sections are usually performed when there are dangerous complications during the labor. And mothers can always give birth naturally after having a c-section cause the 2 forms of birth don't affect one another in any way

Which one is safer home birth or natural birth?

I am not a medical professional, but I would always advise natural childbirth at a hospital rather than home delivery. If you have any complications then it is more difficult to treat at home, whereas in the hospital they will abide by your wishes of natural childbirth and make it as safe as possibl (MORE)

What are examples of natural birth control methods?

Keeping track of the woman's date of ovulation, and avoiding intercourse on the days that could lead to pregnancy (usually 5 days before and a day after, just to be safe). When the couple does have intercourse, they avoid the use of all birth control. The definition of sexual intercourse is import (MORE)

What is a Cesarean?

A cesarean is when a doctor makes a C shaped cut in a woman's virgina by the birth canal so he/she can take the baby out. in some cases, a baby is breech so the mother has no choice but to have a cesarean.

Can i have a natural birth at 10weeks pregnant?

I am not sure what you are asking, but it is important for you to do some minimal research on reproduction. Keep in mind your health and knowledge are very important to your baby, as he or she is dependent on you. One can only speculate the reasons for this question being asked, and it leaves me col (MORE)

How do you get a cesarean?

You are given a epidural and then they cut through 7 layers of skin, muscles, fat and tissue with a scalpel to get to your baby. The incision is usually in the bikini line unless it's a emergency, then it will be from the navel down to the pubic bone. They will show you the baby after they worked on (MORE)

Can you get pregnant after a cesarean?

Absolutely. A cesarean section has become a very routine procedure for giving birth. Afterward, your uterus heals completely, and most woman have absolutely no trouble conceiving again.

Will an English bulldog give birth naturally?

In some cases an English bulldog may be able to give birth to a few puppies naturally, but will usually need to have a Cesarean section in order to deliver the rest. This is because bulldogs were bred to have small hindquarters and large heads, thus making natural whelping quite difficult, if not da (MORE)

Can you have a cesarean if you have a cold?

As with any operation, they clearly state if you are feeling unwell to notify them ASAP. Contact the hospital, they will advise you if the procedure can go a head or not.

What is the natural method of birth control?

The natural method or rhythm method of birth control avoids unprotected sex during the most fertile times of a woman's cycle. A woman is most fertile the five days before and the day of ovulation. Ovulation occurs 12 to 16 days after menstruation. However, each woman's cycle is different so determin (MORE)

When is cesarean done?

A c-section is normally performed, when the baby becomes stressed during child birth, or the mother has become too tired, or is having difficulties. Other reasons for a c-section include placenta problems, breached baby, or multiple birth. There are probably more medical reasons for a c-section, but (MORE)

Can you give birth after having cesarean with your first baby?

Yes, you can have a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). If you have a supportive care provider your chances of having a successful VBAC are 2 in 3, the same as a first time mother's chances of having a vaginal birth. For more information about the risks of VBAC and risks of repeat cesarean check ou (MORE)

Does a cesarean hurt?

yes it does but if it is for your babies health in the end it is all worth it. i had one a little over 2 months ago and was up and walking within 24 hours. You dont feel any pain until after the epidural wears off which is about 8 hours.

Is natural birth to twins safe?

It depends on your situation. In general, yes. However, since there are 2 babies you have double the potential for something going wrong. For example, the first baby could come out fine but the second gets the cord wrapped around its neck. But really, that ends up being the same thing you risk with (MORE)

Does a midwife do cesareans?

No. Midwives attend normal, low-risk deliveries. If a client requires a cesarean section, a midwife will refer her to an obstetrician, a surgeon trained in medicalized childbirth. A nurse-midwife may attend the surgery, but in the same capacity as a nurse, not as the primary provider.

How do you spell cesarean?

That is one spelling, Cesarean , also Caesarean or Caesarian , referring to a cesarean section (c-section), the surgical delivery of a baby. (not always seen capitalized).

Is natural childbirth or cesarean section better?

As physicians should choose the better type of delivery method for each woman individually, neither type is better than the other. The condition of women during parturition is the main determinant of the type of parturition. There are some women who prefer the cesarean section as it is performed wit (MORE)