Can you hook a urinal's flushing into a sink's plumbing?

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Yes, the cold feed to fill the flush tank is normally taken from the sinks cold supply and vice versa. However, remember to place an inline isolator so that at any time you have an issue with the flush you can stop the water and still have the feed to the sink unit. This is now becoming good practice. If possible spit the sink off as well from the main feed to have an in-line isolator there again to stop water to the sink but allow it to the flush - This is more important with a home that has a single toilet .
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What causes household plumbing to 'groan' when the toilet is flushed?

If this noise occurs after shutting off a fixture (e.g., shower orsink), I'd pop the lid on the toilet tank and check there.Sometimes, this type of noise occurs when water pressure is reducedsomewhere else, causing the fill valve to open slightly and howllike a foghorn. So, after shutting off the wa (MORE)

When plumbing a bathroom what causes the shower to get hotter when the toilet is flushed?

Because by flushing the toilet while using the shower, you haveremoved some of the water pressure on the cold side. This decreasesthe amount of water flowing to the shower head. Therefore changingthe mix more toward the hot side. . Answer . this is also due to incorrect pipe size installation of c (MORE)

How do you get started in plumbing?

Try working in a shop as a helper for 6 months to a year and then decide if you want to make the commitment of attending a FIVE (5) year apprenticeship (10,000 hours) and 744 hours of class room studies. Getting into an apprentice program and then dropping out means you took the spot of someone w (MORE)

What is plumbing?

Plumbing is the art and technique of installing pipes, fixtures, and fittings. Answer 2 Plumbing , from the Latin plumbum for lead, is the skilled trade of working with pipes, tubing and plumbing fixtures for drinking water systems and the drainage of waste. A plumber is someone who installs o (MORE)

What did Hooke do?

in 1665 Robort hooke noticed tiny boxlike structues in a slice of cork he was observing through a microscope.

How do you flush the vent plumbing system?

Normally I would use a water Jetter 1,250 PSI -2,200 PSI and a flow rate around 2 gpm-- just enough volume to flush away the debris and enough pressure to scour the lines to remove built up scale deposits.

What is a hook?

is like a hanger that hods tings for example clothe can be hook to a hanger .

Should a plumbing contractor flush lines entering a residence before restoring water service after a repair which allowed debris to enter the line If so is this listed in the Uniform Plumbing Code?

All potable water systems should be flushed after repairs and also if left sitting for extenden periods. I'm not sure if this is in the code but its just common sense. opening a hose bib or a tub valve when the water is restored after a repir is a best practise in the plumbing trade. If you do not d (MORE)

Why does plumbing bang when you flush the toilet?

There are several reason why the plumbing will bang when a toiletis flushed. The most common cause is something called water hammeror hydraulic shock. it is caused by a sudden increase in waterpressure. Another cause is air in the pipes.

What is Rough Plumbing?

The actual meaning of rough plumbing is advance work done by aplumbing contractor. Includes installation of waste and supplypiping, gas piping, shower pans and tubs. installation of water,installation of sewer pipes, vents and bathtubs etc. Whileconstruction workers are all too familiar with rough p (MORE)

Why was plumbing invented?

Plumbing is the system of pipes, valves, fittings, drains andfixtures installed for the distribution of heating and washing,potable water for drinking and wastewater removal. The Romans areaccredited with the first ideas of plumbing. They are used plumbingsystem in their bath houses where hot water (MORE)

What is Plumbing rough in?

The installation of water /waste / vent and under ground piping prior to the walls closed and the finish plumbing is when fixtures are set and tested

Who is hook?

Hook is a famous character in the story of Peter Pan. Thischaracter is the bad guy in the story.

How does plumbing work?

Ideally drainage and venting and water supply by gravity . For example NYC gets its water supply from upstate like the ancient Romans did by using aqueducts and knowing how water seeks its own level many buildings in NYC do not require a pump for domestic water. Drainage if above the street s (MORE)

Is plumbing dangerous?

Yes plumbing is dangerous. Various things can go wrong. Firstly, many people do not realise how dangerous a geyser is. A geyser has been known to blown roofs completely off houses due to incorrect installation. So if an unsuspecting plumber goes into a roof to carry out some work or maintaince, and (MORE)

What does plumb mean?

In a vertical or perpendicular line. e.g. "The wall is plumb." This is the most common meaning and alludes to the method ofestablishing vertical by using a plumb bob - a weight suspendedfrom a long line which hangs straight down - with the resultingline between the top of the line and the plumb bob (MORE)

What is abs plumbing?

Both ABS and PVC are used in pipes because they are non-toxic and resistantto abrasion. ABS pipes are easier to install compared to PVC pipes,but also more likely to deform when exposed to the sun. ABS standsfor acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and PVC stands for polyvinylchloride.

What are hooks?

Hooks are curved, barbed items for catching fish. Hooks allow modules to interact with the Drupal core. Drupal's module system is based on the concept of "hooks". A hook is a PHP function that is named foo_bar(), where "foo" is the name of the module and "bar" is the name of the hook. Each hook has (MORE)

What are flushes?

If you get flushes these are when you go from one feeling to another. boiling hot one minuite then freezing another.

What kind of plumbing problem causes a wet floor when toilet is flushed and water is backed up in the shower next to it. The toilet bowl has not refilled but the toilet water reservoir is full.?

Sound like you have a clogged toilet and or a clog in your main drain under your toilet. Shut off water supply to toilet remove water from toilet tank. Puchase a wax ring for your toilet prior to disconnecting toilet from supply line and floor bolt on the right and left of your toilet. Remove toilet (MORE)

My toilet is a crane plumbing and will not flush everything crane a good brand?

I have the very same problem with my Crane Plumbing toilet. Not every thing gets flushed down and can take 1 to 5 flushes to empty. Crane is the cheap brand that builders use. The one in your home is most likely (like mine) the $80 builders line. I found this out when I paid a visit to Home Depo (MORE)

What is the use of a plumb bob in plumbing?

The plumb bob is useful in establishing vertical for a wall inconstruction or a doorjamb when hanging a door. It can indicatewhether a flue is running true vertical or veering off plumb. Aplumb-bob or a plummet is a weight, usually with a pointed tip onthe bottom, that is suspended from a string and (MORE)

Plum or plumb?

A plum is a delicious fruit. Plumb refers to a wall that is straight up and down. It is 90 degrees from the ground. It does not lean, otherwise it is out of plumb. Plumbing refers to the pipes used to bring water into a building and take waste water away from it.

What is the rise in plumbing?

The hypotenuse of the 45 deg offset calculated by the constant 1.4142 The rise could also be the slang use of pitch from the point of discharge back to the highest point

Plumbing you can trust?

Best plumbing application is schedule 40 brass piping with brazed fittings and joints for domestic water ,waste and venting.

What do you have to do plumbing?

You don't need plumbing as many cave dwellers and folks in the UK and other parts of the Crown have no need for indoor plumbing as they are now becoming more Muslim majority nations they no longer have to compete as a world power and in the next generation only the truly religions will conqueror the (MORE)

Why did you choose plumbing?

I was looking for a profession that is just about recession proof and computers will not replace the mechanics and that a one man company can quite easily NET over $150,000 a year working less then a 35 hr work week

What is fip in plumbing?

FIP means female iron pipe, Which has inside thread. It accepts themale pipe which has outside thread. the male end has twisted insidethe female until it is snug in order to keep a proper seal. For more information visit at-

What are the component of plumbing?

The minimum components are, the fixture being installed, cold and/or hot feed water, drainage or waste piping, and vent piping or air inlet for the drainage system.

What nutrients are in a plumb?

I read once that a plum has 8 times the antioxidant power of an average fruit. Not sure what specific nutrients are in one though...

What is the definition of plumbing?

Plumbing refers to the system of pipes, fixtures, and other apparatus in a structure that supplies water and removes liquid and waterborne wastes. Plumbing is a kind of job that works with drainage, water, and pipes. It is frequently used with toilet problems, sink issues, and water pressure contr (MORE)

How do you abbreviate plumbing?

Historically, abbreviations were used frequently in construction documents as part of standard practice. They were part of the drawing symbology, but led to errors of interpretation by contractors. Since today, CADD drawing text is fast to input and is legible, abbreviations are strictly prohibited (MORE)

What plumbing is in a plane?

I don't think that there is a direct, easy way to accomplish that. The best solution I can immediately think of would be: . Create a Project Parameter named "Above Cut Plane" or whatever as a yes/no type, and have it apply to applicable categories (i.e. Piping). . Create a Filter named "Piping Ab (MORE)

Where did plumbing begin?

Ancient Rome is the most common answer as their plumbing is the predessor to the common day plumbing. There is evidence that some homes 2000 years ago had running hot and cold water. The word Plumbing itself is from the Latin "Plumbum" (I may have misspelled that but I'm pretty close). Also the elem (MORE)

What is nuclear plumbing?

Nuclear plumbing serve residental and commercial coustmers in Atmosville.Nuclear plumbing is a one stop shop for kitchen ,bath and laundry room remodeling and additions.

What is a plumbing ppe?

The full form of PPE is Personal protection equipment which is anequipment that is worn by a worker/plumber to minimize exposure tospecific occupational hazards. Plumbing PPE include respirators, gloves, aprons, fall protection,and full body suits, as well as head, eye and foot protection.

What is modern plumbing?

Modern Plumbing Supply is a kitchen and bath fixture retailer with three locations across Connecticut. The Berlin showroom offers a wide variety of fixtures from sinks and bathtubs to mirrors, cabinet hardware and more, ranging from low- to high-end. It serves all of Connecticut.

What do the hooks do?

they take you up and up and up, till you gentally float down (: .... if your talking about spongebob O.o

What is plant plumbing?

Water pipes, formed by the walls of dead cells, ensure the efficient transport of water and solutes in the xylem of vascular plants. In elongating plant organs such as the hypocotyl, which lifts the growing tip of the germinating seedling out of the soil, the passive elongation of dead and empty pro (MORE)

Why are you use plumbing?

Plumbing in simple word we can say , it is used to prevent leakagesin pipe or sink, wash basins, Shower.It is performing very hightask in Building maintenance and avoid wastage of water supplies.Plumbing service is the emergency service which is available on onecall there are many service providers (MORE)

Is plumbing a noun?

Yes, the word 'plumbing' is a gerund , the present participleof a verb that can function as a noun in a sentence. The present participle of the verb also functions as an adjective . The word 'plumbing' is the present participle of the verb 'to plumb'. Example uses: The plumbing needs repair. (MORE)