Can you install a wood floor over an existing ceramic tile floor?

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No. Generally wood flooring needs to be nailed down. You may be able to get away with installing a floating laminate floor over the tile, but I would check with the maker of the laminate floor for it's installation recommendations. Obviously a flat surface would be ideal.

Yes but not directly. You will have to include a self leveling underlayment. Engineered wood can be installed over a self leveling underlayment with adhesive.
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What are floor tiles and ceramic tiles?

Floor tiles are tiles made for use on a floor. They can be made of ceramic, terra-cotta, linoleum, vinyl and other materials. Ceramic tiles are a type of tile made from hardened materials (like clay). People put ceramic tiles everywhere - around the bathroom, kitchen, pools, etc.

Can you install ceramic tile over wood floors?

Never install tile over wood floors, When you apply thinset to the hardwood floor you will cause the floor to swell from the moisture. when you apply the tile and grout within time the floor and thinset will dry and shrink, Causing your floor to have cracks in the grout and shifting in the tile. you (MORE)

Can you install wooden floors over ceramic tile?

You are better off ripping out the tiles first. If you really want to lay the hardwood over the tiles, first lay down 3/4 plywood so you have something to staple the new floor to. The ply is glued down with PL, and then screwed into the tiles/sub floor. You will need to pre drill with a masonary bit (MORE)

Can you install a ceramic tile floor over linoleum?

Answer . If there is a concrete sub-floor and you cannot remove the linoleum, make sure that it is well-bonded, clean and free from all surface contaminates. Roughen the surface with coarse sandpaper or disc. Remove all large particles and mop with a damp mop. Make sure you use a latex-modified t (MORE)

Can I install ceramic tiles over ceramic tile flooring?

I don't think I would, if it is a shiny glazed tile in place now, There wont be a bond between the old and new tiles. If the current tile is a rough slate tile, maybe. Check the recommedations of the manufacturer of the tile you want to install. Another option is to install 1/4 inch concrete b (MORE)

Can you install ceramic floor tiles over vinyl floor tiles?

You can buy mortar that works on old vinyl floors. But I wouldn't recommend it. Assuming that you are going over OLD vinyl floor, you also have to assume that the glue holding the vinyl floor down is OLD and probably failing. Keeping that in mind, if you go directly over the vinyl floor, you are (MORE)

How much does it cost to install ceramic tile floors?

I am a contractor, have been for 10 + years and my company charges $4.75 per square foot. That includes your durrock and underlayment. However it DOES NOT include you tile or grout. When you get into walls, showers, or irregular areas the price does vary. If you have 3/4 inch subfloor don't let anyo (MORE)

How do you install a ceramic tile floor?

It depends, are you installing it on a concrete slab, or on a wood sub floor? If it's on concrete, it's much easier. You first need to clean the concrete floor, remove any paint drops, or anything else that may be giving it an uneven surface. If there is a stress crack in the concrete, or a chip (MORE)

Can you install tile flooring on existing laminate flooring?

If by laminate you mean products like Pergo, no you cannot. (Looks like wood but floats on the subfloor). If you mean vinyl, you might be able to.. What is your subfloor?. If it is concrete you are good to go as long as the vinyl is fulling glued and isn't pulling up. A lot of installers will tel (MORE)

Can you install porcelain tile over wood floors?

Not directly. Wood moves with changes in temperature and humidity, which would cause tile to come unstuck rather fast. You'd need to put in a layer of inert material first, like sheetrock, fibreboard, mdf or similar.

Can ceramic tiles be laid on top of laminate wood flooring?

No. If you want to lay tile on top of anything other than concrete, you need to install a backer board like Hardi Backer. If the laminate floor is a floating floor (ie: Pergo) then you will have to take that all up first and then install your backer board. If you don't install a backer board a (MORE)

How do you install ceramic floor tile?

If you have never installed a ceramic tile floor before, I would highly recommend hiring a professional to do it for you. If you don't want to do that, companies that sell ceramic tiles, such as, can probably advise you on the best way to do it yourself. For example, site's FAQ even (MORE)

Can you put ceramic tiles on a wood floor in the bathroom?

Most houses have a plywood floor 5/8" You need the floor to be 1" thick minimum and the top floor is screwed down to subfloor with 6" spaces Joint are even tighter together with the screws. Now a concrete slurry called a float is laid on top and leveled out and allowed to dry hard. 2 or 3 days. Usua (MORE)

Can you install a ceramic tile floor over a ceramic tile floor?

You can do this if your current tile floor is stable. Go around to each tile and knock on it, if it sounds solid, it's stable, if it sounds hollow, it's not. Even if everything is stable, I still wouldn't recommend installing over old ceramic floors. The main reason is that it's going to make tha (MORE)

A customer asks you if she can install a new tile floor over an existing tile floor what do you tell her?

Are you the installer or the tile salesperson? If you're the installer then be honest and let her know that you can't do it because you don't know how and she should find someone who can. If you're the tile salesperson you can tell the customer that there are cases in which this is possible. I (MORE)

Can you install laminate floor over ceramic tile?

In my opinion, no it will swell. . In my opinion, yes you can install laminate over tile if the tile is in good condition/stable and even. You would first put underlayment above the tile and then the laminate on top. (you always add underlayment before laminate). It is important, though, to ma (MORE)

Can you install carpet on ceramic floor tile?

We have installed carpet on cermic a few times. Please be aware your grout lines will most likely show through into the carpet. The best option is to stretch the new carpet in over cushion. In order to do this the tackstip will need to be glued to the existing ceramic. Keep in mind you will want (MORE)

Can you install a ceramic floor over an existing laminate floor?

\nIt depends on the condition, material and surface of the laminate. A linolium floor, for example, is soft composition with a textured surface. This makes a horrible foundation for ceramic tile, giving room to crack the grout between tiles. A hardwood-type laminate is smoother and harder which i (MORE)

Can you install ceramic floor tiles over linoleum?

You shouldn't. You need a surface that will allow the adhesive to make a good bond to. There are different types, read the instructions for the one you buy and apply it to the recommended sub floor.

How do you install ceramic tile floors?

It depends, are you installing it on a concrete slab, or on a wood sub floor? If it's on concrete, it's much easier. You first need to clean the concrete floor, remove any paint drops, or anything else that may be giving it an uneven surface. If there is a stress crack in the concrete, or a chip (MORE)

How do you install ceramic flooring over a wooden floor?

Depends on whether you are likely gonna want to remove the tiles and use the wood in the future. If not then pour down cement, float it off using a level so it's flush. If it's a slow acting cement you can go ahead and lay your tiles into it, then grout. Otherwise let dry then use grout to bind to f (MORE)

What do tile installers charge to remove existing laminate wood floor?

Anything that adds time to an installation is a chargable item. The fitter is a highly skilled trades person, taking up an existing flooring takes up their time and they will no doubt incurr disposal costs aswell. As the customer you have to pay for the time, and costs are always reflected in any es (MORE)

Can you put wood flooring over ceramic tiles?

Yes, and it's important that the tile floor beneath is level andthe tile is secure and in good condition. You may want to putsome sound control material under the flooring so that echoing isreduced. if you glue the flooring to the tiles fill in any low spotswith leveling compound. If the wood flo (MORE)

How do you install ceramic tiles into your kitchen floor?

First you have to pull up the old flooring. Once you have the old flooring up you have to put the tile glue on the floor, and place the tile on top of it. Then you have to grout in between each of the tiles. When you get to the edges you will have to cut the tiles to fit.

What is labor cost to install ceramic tile floor?

Labor Prices Fees & charges change from town to town, region to region, the best ways I can suggest to find a good range is: Run a short ad in Craigslist, that will likely get you someone hungry & maybe unlicensed so you will know the cheapest price. Then call the local Home Depot or Lowes & (MORE)

Can you install ceramic over laminate flooring?

No, for several reasons. Laminate is a non porous surface which will not allow cement products to bond. Laminates are wood based products that are most typically "floating". These floors move a great deal. Ceramic needs a very sturdy, supportive base. It should be said though, laminate is typically (MORE)

Can wood floors be refinished after tile has been installed over it?

Yes, but first remove the tile...:-) Actually, the trick is to remove the tile without gouging the hardwood floor beneath. Some surface scratching is inevitable while removing the tile but you want to keep it to a minimum. The sanding process when refinishing will eliminate any blemishes that are (MORE)

Can you install granite tiles over ceramic tile flooring?

It is not always a good idea to lay granite tiles over the existing ceramic tile flooring. Why? The old ceramic tile flooring would have already aged and lost the strength. Since the flooring would have developed cracks and got loosened at many places. In order to lay granite tiles newly over the (MORE)

What best flooring can install over ceramic?

Many things can go over ceramic with ease, but the "best" option is one which works in the room you're doing. For example, laminate flooring is most forgiving of the unevenness (groutlines) of ceramic tile and easiest to install - but I would not put laminate in a bathroom (it's not moisture resista (MORE)

Should you install ceramic floor or wall tiles first?

Having tiles untold bathrooms I always do the floor LAST this saves dropping tiles etc on to the nice new expensive tile. However, when tiling the walls first leave out the bottom row of wall tile (here you can place your straight edge datum, put in the floor tile then set that last row of wall tile (MORE)

Can Ceramic tile be installed over vinyl floor?

Yes it'spossible. But installation can be unreliable. So better to askabout it to home experts. If you are looking for Ceramic tile fororder then you can get it easily through stores like"BuilderoutletUSA"