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Can you leave the country while receiving unemployment?

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This would depend on the laws of the "liable" state (responsible for your claim against a business in that state). As most states require active job searching, it may depend on length of departure, qualifying job locations, etc. Check with the unemployment office in your state for particulars.
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Can you receive unemployment in Alabama while receiving military retirement pay?

I seriously doubt it... military income is deductable from Alabama state unemployment, and with AL's unemployment as low as it is ($265/week max), any retired military pay wil

In the state of Georgia can you draw unemployment while on maternity leave?

Unemployment insurance is for people who lose their jobs. Disability insurance is for people who can't work due to a medical reason.    Your best bet is to apply for s

Can employer fire you while you are out on medical leave having surgery and can that employer then tell unemployment that you quit so you cannot collect unemployment compensation?

Answer . If you are employed "at-will," which most people who work without employment contracts are, then yes, your employer can fire you at any time, for any reason.

Can you claim unemployment in Colorado while on maternity leave?

You cannot collect unemployment while you collect wages, so if you are paid while on maternity leave, you probably cannot collect unemployment. You should contact the nearest

If you got married while receiving unemployment do you have to report it?

I got married in the middle of receiving unemployment. I did not have to claim any of his wages. I drew it in IL   Another answer:   Where unemployment issues (benefits

Can you receive disability while on maternity leave?

  You can receive disability while on maternity leave under a few scenarios. If you live in a state with state short term disability your maternity leave will be a cover

Can you collect unemployment benefits while receiving Social Security benefits after age 65?

Yes. It has been found, however, that for some reason some states (Virginia, for example ) reduce the amount of your unemployment compensation by the amount of your SS, which

Can you get unemployment while on maternity leave?

In the US in most locations yes you can. Though it depends on your exact circumstance. You cannot draw FOR maternity leave. This link in the Related Link below will go throu

Can you collect unemployment while on maternity leave in Kentucky?

To qualify for unemployment compensation you have to have lost your job through no fault of your own, or quit with justifiable reasons. You also have to be ready, willing, and

Can you continue to receive unemployment while becoming self employed?

You really should not cheat the system like this and to have a dual income based on self employment and unemployment is illegal. Unemployment insurance is a program that provi