Can you legally disown siblings?

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Well, you'd have to go around the world to ask that one, but actually, you can't. Unless someone tells you, "Congratulations! You are allowed to legally disown your sibling!!!" That would be a miracle.
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Can you do anything for an abused sibling even though they have disowned you after you have warned them that the abuse will continue?

The only thing you can do is be there for them and hope they "get smart" and leave the abuser. My mother is in an abusive relationship. She left him and he promised never to d

Can you disown your sibling?

The closest thing you could do would be to get a restraining order. Because he/she is a bro/sis you can not "disown". disowning refers to taking someone out of your will. if i

Can you disown a sibling?

you yourself can not disown a sibling because it is up to the parents on judgement, but if the older sibling was to become the legal guardian than yes you could disown your si

How can you disown your sister I am 15 and my sister is 17 and we live together and we just dont consider ouselves siblings how can i legally go about disowning her at my present age?

Just because your sister and you may have different personalities and they are clashing is no reason to completely lose tough with each other. It appears because your sister i

Can you have legal rights to disown sister?

There is no legally actioniable way to "disown" someone. 'Disown' means to diisavow, or repudiate, someone, or some thing. You may "dis-inherit" someone (e.g.: as from a will)

How can you legally disown your mother?

No. Answer If you are a minor you cannot disown your mother. If you are an adult you do not need to disown your mother since you have no responsibility for her. However,
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What may happen legally to a parent or parents who disown or threaten to disown their child due to their sexual orientation?

Disowning is not a legal term. Once the child is adult it's up to either part whether to have contact or not and that is all legal. When the child is a minor however it would