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Can you make Excel 2007 look like the old Excel?

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There are some downloadable tools on the web which recreate the old or 'classic' Excel toolbar in Excel 2007. One such example you might want to take a look at can be found at


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How do you make a line chart with Excel 2007?

Select the values that you want to chart. Then on the ribbon go to the Insert tab and you can choose a line chart from there to create it.

How do you make a climate graph on Microsoft Excel 2007?

Try the first link below, which shows you how to combine chart types to make new chart types. Alternatively you can use a ready made graph such as the ones at the second link

How Excel 2007 Converted to Excel 2003?

You can open a 2007 Excel spreadsheet with Excel 2003 if you save the file in Excel 2007 using "Save As" and select the 2003 compatibility mode.

How do you make scatter-graphs using Excel 2007?

Use a scatter plot graph to represent the correlation between two different variables. Here are some steps to make a basic scatter plot graph.Get your data into an Excel sprea

How do you move a worksheet in Excel 2007?

The question is not clear, but if you have several worksheets in an Excel 2007 workbook, you can move a worksheet to a new location in the workbook by clicking and dragging th

How many tabs does Excel 2007 have?

Default is three worksheet tabs when you open a new workbook.

What are the ribbon commands in Excel 2007?

Most Excel 2007 commands are on the menu ribbon; far too many to list here. See related links for how the Excel 2007 ribbon compares to Excel 2003 commands. The ribbon at the

Where is format menu in Excel 2007?

Excel 2007 uses ribbons rather than menus. You will find many of the formatting options on the Home ribbon.

How do you interrogate data in Excel 2007?

You can interrogate data in Excel 2007 by using the filter and sort options in Excel. This re-organizes the data in a way that makes it easy to analyze and evaluate the data.

What does a nonadjacent range look like in Excel?

A range can only be cells that are adjacent and in a rectangular shape. It is possible to select non-adjacent cells but this would not be regarded as a range. Each would be a

What does the average function look like using Excel 2003?

It can be used with cells like this: =AVERAGE(C2, C5, D10, D12) Most commonly it can be used with a cell range, like this: =AVERAGE(A2:A20) It can also use mixes of values