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Can you make lamb biltong?

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Yes you can indeed, all you do is cut your lamb into the desired size strips, soak in a cup vinegar mixed with 125ml worcester sauce for about an hour , remove and let drip, the in a bowl combine salt, cayane pepper, black pepper, peri peri spice, corriander seeds split and a lttle garlic salt. Cote the lamb in this spice and place in an airtight contaainer, marinade over nite. Then put on biltong hooks and placer in a biltong maker
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What is biltong?

A biltong is a snack that originated in South Africa nearly 400years ago. Although similar to American jerky, this type of driedmeat is thicker and cured differently. It is ma

Do lambs make good pets?

i was wondering the same thing so i searched it on Google and this was one of the sites that popped up it has many good answers. www.sheep101.info/ pets .html

How do you make biltong?

Ok. This will be very quick and basic ,but will have you as happy as ever with the results. I was born in Pretoria, South Africa so i have been surrounded by biltong my whole

How do you make lamb tender?

You have to bash it with a tenderizer. it is a metal block with sharp points on each side on a wooden handle.

Is biltong bad for you?

No biltong is not bad for you and in fact it makes you eat less. This is pure protein that you are eating, meaning it keeps you full and keeps you away from those snack times
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Does lamb make you fat?

Lamb is a fatty meat so it can make you fat, but only if you eat too much of it.

Who discovered biltong?

Hard to say, but it appears to be a South African method of drying meat.