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Yes this is possible BUT. You will have to make sure that this is done correctly by contacting your local SSA office for some assistance about this matter.
If you're disabled but able to engage in part-time work, SSDI allows earnings of up to $1,000 per month (2010) for most disabilities, or $1,640 per month for the blind under SGA guidelines (Successful Gainful Activity). If you earn more than this threshold, you may no longer be considered disabled.

The Social Security Administration encourages disabled people to return to work if their disability allows, and provides numerous support programs, including vocational rehabilitation, as well as a nine-month (non-consecutive) trial period where full disability benefits continue while you test your ability to work. Trial work periods are triggered when your income rises above the "services" level of $720 or 80 hours work per month.

Once the trial period ends, you enter an extended 36-month eligibility period during which benefits can be reinstated without a full evaluation should your disability interfere with continued successful employment. Additionally, you may continue to receive Medicare benefits at the standard premium rates for 93 months (7 years, 9 months) if you remain gainfully employed or employable after completing your last trial work month.

The Social Security administration conducts Continuing Disability Reviews for most disabled people at varying intervals to determine if you are still disabled and remain eligible for benefits. Any work activity commenced within two years of becoming enrolled may trigger a review; however, SSDI will not conduct a review after two years if you enroll in their "Ticket to Work" program.

If, at any time, you are considered medically improved and no longer qualify for disability benefits, you may be eligible for a period of extended coverage if you enroll in vocational rehabilitation.

For more details on working while disabled, consult the SSDA Red Book, available via link

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