Can you make tonic water from a NSA sparkling water system?

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What is in sparkling water?

Sparkling water is a carbonated water. Carbon dioxide gas wasdissolved under pressure before adding to the water. Sparklingwater is also known as club soda or seltzer water.

What is tonic water?

Carbonated water with Quinine, a prophylactic against malaria.

Can tonic water make you test positive for cocaine?

It can, but you'd have to drink a LOT of tonic water to do it.

What makes tonic water glow?

The ingredient in tonic water that makes it taste like tonic water - quinine - is the cause. Because of its molecular structure, it will fluoresce blue in sunlight and positiv

Is Perrier Water Sparkling water?

perrier is carbonated water. Have you never seen the commercial,where everything is melting? its fizzy. So yes it is sparking!

What will make tonic water taste better?

Well I heard that alcohol does but not if you are under age! --------- Not ethanol but carbon dioxide, quinine (a very low concentration) or other proprietary food additi

Where can you get tonic water?

The bar. or the grocery store usually. or a liquor store. your pick. the fancy ingredient you are probably looking for is quinine. so make sure the bottle actually says

What is mixed with water to make it 'sparkling'?

Carbon dioxide.
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Which gas is added to water to make it sparkling?

All the elements of group 1 are highly reactive to water. Some elements also turn explosive when in contact with water ,such as Potassium but for sparkling sodium is used. Whe

What makes sparkling water sparkle?

Normally sparkling water is carbonated water, which is water withcarbon dioxide dissolved in it under pressure. When the pressure isremoved the carbon dioxide comes out of the