Can you make your own saltwater by just adding salt into your pool and if so how much salt and what type of salt should you use?

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No you will not have a salt water pool. yes you will have salt water but the actual electronic plates found in a genrator converts the salt in the water to chlorine to sanitize the pool water. A: You have to have the mechanical device to produce the chlorine in a salt pool. THE SALT A MEANS TO PRODUCE CHLORINE FOR YOUR POOL!
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Can you fill and top up a swimming pool that uses a saltwater conversion system with sea water rather than fresh water with salt added?

I would not recommend using sea water in a fresh water pool even if it uses a salt water sanitation system. First, the amount of salt in a saltwater treated pool is very low (around 0.5%, which is one-half of one-percent). This concentration of salt is about half as much as a teardrop (1%) and nea (MORE)

Can you just add salt to a traditionally chlorinated pool without adding the conversion equipment?

If you mean whether there is any benefit to adding salt without adding a chlorine generator (if that's what you meant by conversion equipment), then the answer is not really. There may be a slight benefit in the feel of the water from the added salt as some people who have salt pools say that it f (MORE)

What kind of salt is used in pools and how much salt to gallon ratio do you use?

Answer . If you have purchased Saline System equipment, you add regular 'salt' to the pool water. The salt (sodium chloride) is pure evaporated ocean salt - the same as you would use at the dinner table. Use 'rock' salt, but make sure it is sodium chloride and not potassium chloride (which is so (MORE)

If you want a saltwater pool can you just put salt in and let the pool pump do the rest or do you need to have a saltwater system?

Answer . \nYou need a saltwater system. The unit converts the salt (NaCl) to chlorine gas (Cl) within a chamber using electricity then (almost) immediately converts it back again to salt. The cycle is continuous, therefore your pool water is 'sanatized' with chlorine whenever the pool pump is run (MORE)

Can you use water softener salt in your pool and how much?

Answer . The standard water softener salt can be used. Here's how Intex explained:. (Link: Use only sodium chloride (NaCl) salt that is at least 99.8% pure. In models 8110,8111,(NOT IN MODELS 6110) It is also accept (MORE)

Does the salt in a saltwater swimming pools harm the equipment?

Salt Harming Equipment A salt system can harm the equipment in a "runaway chlorine" environment which can be common if the unit isn't operated properly or if water isn't tested and balanced regularly. In a runaway chlorine environment, the chlorine created by the salt system could potential dissolv (MORE)

What type of salt should you use for a salt pool?

Up until recently The salt used in sat water pools was Sodium chloride However there is now also a system available that used Magnesium and Potassium chloride which is better for you and the environment you can water the yard with the backwash without killing the garden

Does the salt in saltwater pools deteriorate stone copings and waterfalls?

Salt water will cause damage to some stones including travertine, limestone and some marbles. Large filed stones used in waterfalls usually hold up okay, however they do need to be sealed periodicaly. As far as using Travertine or Limestone as your pool coping you should be okay because that materia (MORE)

On a monthly basis how much top-up salt should be added to a saline system swimming pool of approximately 75000 liters?

This would vary on conditions for e.g if the pool overflows because of rain more salt needs to be added the amount of water lost through backwashing is another reason. Evaporation is not a problem as this leaves the salt behind in the pool. a salt tester for the water is required to work out the amo (MORE)

What type of salt can you use for salt water pool?

The salt generally used for pools is common salt or sodium chloride. there is a new system coming onto the market that uses magnesium and potassium chloride however I would not suggest using these in conjunction with a sodium chloride system as I don't know what will happen if you do.

What type of salt do you put in pools?

Up to now the salt used in pools was sodium chloride. However there is a new system just on the market that uses Magnesium and Potassium chloride this stuff is good for your health and the back wash is actually good for the garden.

Can you use water softener salt for a pool salt system?

There are two types of salt based pool chlorinators. More expensive and less common are those with a separate salt tank and these will normally use tablet salt for water softeners. The more common type is where salt is added to the swimming pool itself. In the UK we most commonly use PDV salt - that (MORE)

Can you add salt with anti caking agent to a saltwater pool?

I have never heard of using an anti caking agent with salt. Are you using the right type of salt - - swimming pool salt is the only salt to be used in a swimming pool - NO OTHER. The proper salt to be used will readily dissolve as it is poured into the pool. The salt does need to be brushed as it se (MORE)

What brand of salt for a saltwater pump for a pool?

You do not need " a saltwater pump" . Most pumps on the market will do to pump the amount of water you need to be pumped. You have to hydraulically match the pump the the amount of water you have and the type and capacity of each piece of equipment you have. The filter, the heater, the pump all ha (MORE)

What do you use to clean the salt line off pool tiles in a saltwater pool?

\nIf it is "salt" it would dissolve with water. More often it is alkali or calcium that has deposited at the water line. If you catch it when it is just a "film" it will usually come off with an acid product. I prefer to use Bio Dex 300 but there are others on the market. Be extremely careful when (MORE)

How does so much salt in the dead sea make us float?

The density of salt is higher than the density of water. (density is kg/m 3 ) So when you mix salt and water, and the salt dissolves in the water then the density of the water is higher than it use to be. (When you mix salt in water the volume of the water actually goes down! This is due to ion-cont (MORE)

Can you make salt water by just adding salt to water?

Adding enough salt to water, even at room temperature or lower willresult in sufficient salt being dissolved in the water to make ithave a salty taste, making it salt water. technically you need theapplication of heat and or pressure otherwise you just have somesalt sitting in some water

Why can't you use table salt instead of pool salt in a salt water pool?

You can as it is the same thing The only drawback may be in the Case of iodized salt and what ever they put in table salt to make it flow easily. I believe its the anti-caking agent that's added to table salt, also I think buying the pool salt would be more cost effective than a large bag of table (MORE)

How much salt do you need to make saltwater?

Like Sea saltwater? You need to go to a pet store to get the correct salt, Table salt will not work, You also need a salinity tester. Amount is about 1 pound for 5 gal water.

What type of salt do you use for your swimming pool?

You should use Sodium Chloride Salt that is greater than 99% pure. It is common food quality salt or water softener salt and usually available in 40-80lb bags. You can also use water softener pellets but we find that they take a while longer to dissolve. Most important Do Not use rock salt, salt wit (MORE)

Can you use pool salt in your pool with out the salt water system?

Sure, you CAN, but why would you want to? The purpose of the salt in a saltwater system equipped pool is to provide the chlorine the saltwater system generates. It would be the same as having a saltwater system pool that the saltwater system went bad and you just installed an inline chlorinator in t (MORE)

What should you do if you have too much salt in your pool?

Salt water will need to be diluted - only adding water to the pool can reduce the PPM count. First, drain 10-20% of the pool first, then add fresh water to the pool. Re test the salt levels after the pool has circulated the fresh water through & adjust as necessary (either repeat above process to fu (MORE)

What if you added to much salt to your saltwater pool?

If you have chlorine generator, it may stop working and the water will taste salty ( above 3500 PPM = parts per million).. Drain about 1 ft of pool water using water pump and refill with fresh water, if you do not have any pump put a garden hose into your pool ( not close to the overlow) and turn i (MORE)

If a child uses bathroom in salt water pool what should you do?

If a child urinates in the pool don't worry about it unless he or she has some dread disease that that chlorine cant cope with. On the other hand if there is feces in the water every one should be removed from the pool and all traces removed from the water make sure that disinfection of the water is (MORE)

How do you use salt in swimming pools?

I presume you have a salt water chlorinator. if you don't then you don't need it regardles off what anyone tells you. if you do have a salt water chlorinator then all you do is throw the whole bag in the pool as most salt bags will allow the salt to dissolve through the bag. and that's it nice and e (MORE)

How much salt is used in a 4500 gallon pool?

Assuming you have a chlorine generator and actually need to add salt, the amount is determined by the manufacturer of the device you purchased. Looking in the instruction manual will tell you what the required sodium level is for your particular unit (somewhere around 3,000 ppm is typical). Then you (MORE)

Can you use salt and chlorine in your pool?

Yes as a mater of fact that is what salt water pool normally is. With a salt water pool there is a electronic salt water chlorinator installed that uses the salt in the water to create chlorine. However if you don't have a salt water chlorinator and prefer the feeling of a salt water pool then there (MORE)

Type of salt used for salted nuts?

It depends on whether you are using commercially-produced salted nuts or buying fresh nuts and salting them yourself. Commercial salted nuts - unless produced by gourmet outlets using specifically labelled salts such as pink salt, black lava salt, floral salt, and so on - would be produced using th (MORE)

How much salt should you use?

A human has a requirement of 1500mg a day, however, most people will consume far much more than the daily requirement. If you drink more water, you may need to/ or be able to consume more sodium.

How much salt should be used?

An average human body shoyuld have 250gm of salt.if the amount of salt is less it causes some deficiency disease .excess of amount of salt also leads to some we should maintain the amount of salt properly.

Is acid used in salt pools?

Yes, acid controls the pH of the pool water. The higher the pH the less effective the chlorine is and the more prone it is to scaling. The ideal pH range is 7.2-7.6.

Why are you always adding salt to your pool you have a salt water pool?

Think of your pool as a large pot you are preparing a meal. If you taste your meal and it is to salty you add fresh water or more of other unsalted ingredients to dilute. Salt pools are a common since thing. The only answer is something or someone is diluting the salt concentration in the water. Bac (MORE)

Can you use cooking salt in salt water pool?

Absolutely! Morton actually sells pool salt. When it comes to using a salt generator on your pool you want to make sure you're using the cleanest salt availible, never anything to quality of rock salt. As it pertains to salt for your pool I always tell my customer, "If you wouldn't put on your food, (MORE)