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neon red, orange, amber, pink,peach,salmon,green,aquamariene,turquois,sky blue,clear blue, 3500 white 4500white and 6500 white If you are talking about the element neon than the only color it comes in is a redish-orange. Even though some signs are called neon signs the only time they actually have neon in them is when they are redish-orange; they use other elements for the other colors.
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How did neon get its name?

Neon came fromNeon is a greek word (neon meaning "New One"). It was discovered in 1898 by scittusg chemist William Ramsay (1852-1916) and English Chemist Morris W.Travers in L

What color is neon?

Aurora is the nicest color of Neon! She is amazing! she's fun,cool, and colorful..lol!  colourless   It glows a redish orangey colour. Not blue, as some people think. 

What is the color of neon?

Neon and all the other inert or noble gases have no color, smell or taste. They will, however, emit a characteristic color when ionized, as in a gas discharge tube. Neon emits

What was neon named after?

The word neon comes from the Greek "neos", meaning new. The gas was discovered in 1898 by Sir William Ramsay, in London. When they saw the gas lighting up in a tube, Sir Willi

How did neon get the name neon?

Someone wasn't very creative, and when they discovered a new element, they called it "new" ... they at least had the decency to do it in Greek, so it wasn't quite as obvious.\

What colors are neon atom?

Individual atoms don't really have a color, since they're smaller than visible light waves. Neon gas in bulk is colorless.. The emission spectrum of ionized neon has a promi
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What can colors can neon be?

The word "Neon" describes a gas, a series of colours (neon pink, neon green) and gas-discharge tubing used in signs and various lighting applications. To answer your questio