Can you paint latex paint over enamel primer?

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A primers is basically used to seal a surface and give the top coat "tooth". A primer should be chosen for the surface it is going on, oil based primers adhere better to surfaces like bare wood, slick finishes, and old oil based paint. Once the primer has dried any kind or paint may be applied as a top coat.
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Can you paint enamel paint over latex paint?

Paints that are labeled enamel can be both oil and latex. Enamel merely means that it dries hard. If by enamel you mean alkyd or oil based, then yes, after proper cleaning and

Can you paint enamel over latex?

Enamel is a word used to describe a finish, not the formulation of a paint. It simply means a hard reflective surface. Many people mistakenly use the word enamel when referrin

Why cant you paint latex over enamel?

Assuming that you mean an oil based enamel, it's because the surface is too hard and smooth for the latex paint to adhere. You'll need to sand the surface to create small goug
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When painting iron fence can you paint enamel over latex?

You can paint over latex paint with either an oil or water based enamel paint as long as the surface is dull, clean and rust free. Any bare metal will need to be primed with a