Can you play college football and be in rotc at the same time?

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How many times has the same number one team beat the then ranked number two team in the same season in college football?

Huskers, Horns, and Buckeyes. . \nUntil #1 Ohio State did it this year with wins over then #2 Texas and then #2 Michigan, only one team had done it twice since 1963. The 1971 Nebraska #1 team defeated #2 Oklahoma 35-31 on Nov. 25, 1971, and then defeated the #2 Alabama team in the Orange Bowl on (MORE)

What type of grades do you have to have to play football in college?

There is no standard or minimum GPA. However, the NCAA requires a GPA level in combination with a score on the ACT/SAT in order to be eligible, and each College/University has their own academic requirements to be admitted to the school, which might not be waived for a football player and might be m (MORE)

What are the requirements to play college football?

the football is the game with number of player who play together not individualy ,it not only provide physical strength & mental skill to the plyer butalso its provides unity to the member to improve their power in group within rule without doing any wrong action, which gives lession to handle the (MORE)

Can girls play college football?

Yes, but it is rare. Katie Hnida, was the first woman to score in a Division I-A collegefootball game as the kicker for the New Mexico Lobos. Liz Heaston had previously scored for NAIA Division III WillametteUniversity, and Ashley Martin had previously scored for NCAADivision I-AA Jacksonville Sta (MORE)

Where was the first college to play football?

Rutgers 6 Princeton 4 College Field, New Brunswick, NJ . Rutgers University and its neighbor, Princeton, played the first game of intercollegiate football on Nov. 6, 1869, on a plot of ground where the present-day Rutgers gymnasium now stands in New Brunswick, N.J. Rutgers won that first game, 6- (MORE)

What president played college football?

Gerald Ford was a stand-out player at The University of Michigan. Ronald Reagan was a starter and had a partial football scholarship at Eureka College. Richard Nixon was a second-stringer at Whittier College.

What is the Army ROTC program in college?

A Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) program is a college-based, officer commissioning program, predominantly in the United States. It is designed as a college elective that focuses on leadership development, problem solving, strategic planning, and professional ethics. . For the source and (MORE)

How long is half time in college football?

20 minutes. This time period lets athletes rest and formulate agame plan for the remaining half, allows the fans to move aroundthe stadium without missing any action, for entertainment such asthe marching band to play and for television viewers, to watchanalysis of the first half, big plays from oth (MORE)

How long can you play college football?

You can play college football as long as you are in college. You may also be "Redshirted" Which means you are removed from the roster and cannot play, But you still can play your four years after the redshirt is up. In short, 4 years.

How do you get to play for the NFL when you did not play college football?

Most NFL teams will have open tryouts. Including players who were not drafted, players from semi-pro teams, free agents and players from other sports. Notable NFL players who never played college football are Antonio Gates (San Diego Tight End who played Basketball in college) and Carlton Hasselr (MORE)

How tall do you have to be to play football in college?

It depends on a lot of things: position, level of competition (Division, conference?), etc. Height is more important for some positions than others. Height is pretty important for receivers, pocket QBs, DLine. It is an asset for most defensive positions, but not necessarily required. For most positi (MORE)

If you join ROTC in college do you have to join the military?

Joining the Reserve Officers' Training Corps does not mean that you have to join the military , it means that if the military needs you they can call you up for service. Theoretically, in times of peace, you might never be needed. Of course, the current times are not very peaceful, so you can prett (MORE)

How much can a ROTC earn in college?

Depends on what you do as your job after class. You might still be working as waiter or whatever. An ROTC cadet who is assigned to a Reserve or National Guard unit for a monthly UTA will be paid the equivalent of a Sergeant during those UTAs, but you don't actually get paid for being an ROTC cadet.

When did AJ Hawk play college football?

AJ played his College Football with the Ohio State Buckeyes from 2002-2005. AJ was then picked in the 2006 NFL Draft, he was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the 1st round as the 5th pick overall.

What college is the army ROTC the best at?

I have been wondering the same question as you. "What college is the army ROTC the best at" I have found out that the military doesn't rank college ROTC programs anymore but private companies do. So my suggestion is go to a book store and look for a book on the army ROTC and which colleges it is bes (MORE)

Where to play junior college football in Florida?

No where! Unfortunately, Florida does not have JUCO football. The closest JUCO football program to Florida is Georgia Military College and Louisburg College in North Carolina. I would be a blessing to all Florida high school prospects that don't meet the NCAA D1 qualifications to have JUCO football (MORE)

Did Jeff Kinney play college football?

The Jeff Kinney that authored Diary of a Wimpy Kid and is credited for creating Poptropica did not play college football. There was a Jeff Kinney who was a halfback for the University of Nebraska between 1969-1971 and played five seasons in the NFL for the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs.

How does an rotc e3 make in college?

ROTC cadets typically aren't paid for being ROTC cadets. However, if they drill with a Reserve or National Guard unit, they receive pay equivalent to what an E-5 in that unit would receive.

Where did Jeff Garcia play college football?

Jeff played at San Jose State University back in the 90's. He is a great scrambling quarterback who could throw on the run. He honed his skill when his offensive line would collapse and he had no choice but to run and gun.

Is rotc good on college applications?

Extracurricular activities are usually looked on as a positive indicator. Even High School ROTC, from what I hear. Frankly, based on the people I know who were in it, I'd regard it as a slight demerit. It definitely shouldn't be the only thing you did other than go to class. Unless, of course, yo (MORE)

What is your ROTC time commitment after college?

Depends. If you attend one of the US Military Academies (West Point, Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, or Coast Guard Academy) or you go to school on an ROTC scholarship, you have an obligation to actively serve for five years. If you took ROTC but ROTC had nothing to do with funding your school, th (MORE)

Can you play football in college with a occupational diploma?

It depends on the type of the degree and what kind of institution issued the degree. If the institution is considered an academic institution (as opposed to a certificate-granting career training center), they it may be possible.. If, however, the granting institution is an educational institution (MORE)