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Can you play senior basketball even if you are in junior high?

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No you cannot. This is because Senior is grade 12 which is high school. Junior high would not go up that high of a grade level.
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If father Senior dies is his son Junior still a Junior?

Yes, if he want's to be, but many men choose to drop the Jr.   If he has a son of the same name he can become Senior and his son can cease to use III, or IV, or whatever, a

When senior father dies does junior son become senior?

When Bill Sr died, his son, Bill JR can stop using the "junior" if he likes. If the son has a son who is all Bill, then Bill Jr can become bill Sr and his son can then become

What is Junior-Senior GPA?

Junior yr - 3th yr   Senior yr- 4th(final) yr   & Junior/Senior CGPA means the avg of third and fourth yr

Can you play junior college football if you never played high school football?

Yes. Any athlete can walk on in Junior College, NCAA and NFL to try out. If they are selected based on ability to perform the assigned roles they will suit up. An example of a

What does a Junior High Basketball team manager?

Basically what they do is they travel with the team to your away games and stay with you at your home games. They carry around a notebook and have to record down all the play

Can seniors play jv basketball?

  It is not a common practice, but in my state (Georgia), there is no rule against it.
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Why there should be juniors and seniors promenade?

It is part of the high school life of 4th and 3rd year students in the Philippines. it is usually held in February. it is one way of exposing the students to a situation in wh

When Senior passes away does Junior become Senior?

Yes, when Senior dies, Junior can take the suffix of Senior if there is another of the same name (a son of Junior, for example) to take the Junior suffix. Otherwise Junior can