Can you polyurethane a vinyl floor?

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No, you can't. It would peel off like sunburned skin, if it ever even set up. And why in the world would you want to do that anyway?

Yes you can;
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How do you remove a polyurethane stain from vinyl flooring?

Bostik makes a urethane glue remover. Be sure to read the directions carefully. You can call Bostik at 978-777-0100 and ask a technical support person first, to be sure. This

Are fumes from polyurethane floors dangerous?

yes the senior center that I attented did the floor in mid november two months agao and i still have severe haedaches and nightmares the night after i am there for a short whi

How do you Polyurethane Ceramic Tile Floors?

You cannot polyurethane ceramic tile. Polyurethane requires a porous surface. Ceramic is glazed and therefore has no pores. If the floor didn't shine when it was new, it never

Could you put polyurethane on vinyl tile floor to seal it and make more waterproof?

Yes you can, however, ensure that this is the best option beforeexecuting. I do this to reinforce the self-stick vinyl tile andlaminate flooring in my basement and it works gr

Can you put polyurethane on laminate floors?

Always hate to answer a question with a question, but sometimes it helps.. Why would you want to do that & what does it get you?? Laminate has a stain proof surface and the

How are polyurethane floors protected?

Polyurethane coatings do a number of things. First, they seal the pores of the wood making the wood unable to absorb moister and thus preventing rot. Secondly, urethane allows

How can you stain and polyurethane floors in on step?

i'm going with minwax polyshades. cabot also makes a stain & polyurethane in one application. i noticed there are 3 questions about how to mix stain & polyurethane on this sit

What cleans hardwood floors with polyurethane?

Use a non-diluted, direct spray on hardwood floor cleaning product like Bona - hardwood floor cleaner or Lastnlast - Polycare. 2 of the best hardwood flooring cleaning product
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Can you use polyurethane on vinyl plank?

If you mean an oil based polyurethane, no, it will dry too hard and will chip off over time and normally isn't meant for exterior work. A better option would be to use a 100%
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Can you use polyurethane on laminate flooring?

No. Laminate flooring is made of the same materials as laminate countertops - a type of plastic. Even though the flooring looks like wood, remember it is NOT. Polyurethane app