Can you put 93 Chevy Tranny in 90 Z71 the guy says the plug for the electrics is different can you do this?

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if they are the the same transmission you can, but if you are going from a 4L60e to a 700r you need to modify your tourqe converter Locke up connector. if you look in Summit or Jegs catalogs, they carry adaptors ect,
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What is the horsepower and torque ratings for a 93 Chevy Z71?

Answer . the answer is 185hp and 205ft/lb and because it is four wheel drive minus about 10 or 15 form these figures, because of all the extra parts etc. the transfer case

Where do spark plugs go in a 93 Chevy?

If you look at all the rubber wires, ( 8 of them ) on the back of the engine behind the air filter. Each one of those wires hook to a spark plug in the heads that is on bo

Replace tranny fluid 93 Chevy truck?

Drop your transmission pan while motor is still warm, take two hard lines off passenger side of radiator and blow them out with compressor. Replace pan gasket and put pan back

How do you check for plugged lines on your Chevy z71 1993 truck?

I'm assuming this is related to the windshield washer question. The was system is a fairly simple system of four main parts. The switch, the tank, the washer pump and the line

Will a 1990 Chevy 4x4 tranny fit in a 1995 z71 4x4?

It will fit but it won't work and the truck will never run right. Reason is that the 95 is ALL computer controled. The transmission and engine and speed sensors ALL WORK TOGE