Can you put photos from the computer back onto an sd card?

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Yes, if you have a card reader or if your camera acts as a card reader you can drag-and-drop them onto the drive. This should work in Windows or Mac OS.
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How do you download music onto SD card?

Easy. Insert SD card and go to media center, and voila, it will pop up and say "YOU HAVE AN SD CARD IN YOUR SLOT" etc. etc. so on and so forth. Do the rest yourself.

How do you recover deleted sd card photos?

If they have been deleted from the SD card, the files actually still exist on the card until they are overwritten by other data (photos). There is a good possibility of recovering these files using software. But in the meantime, the less you write and save to the card, the more data (files and photo (MORE)

How to you load pictures from an SD card onto the computer?

When you plug the SD card into your computer, then there is achance that the computer will pop up a window asking you what todo. Assuming that does not occur, then you should follow these stepto get the pictures from the memory card to the computer: . For Windows: 1) Go to "My Computer" 2) Look at (MORE)

How to put pictures on SD memory card from my computer?

NB This is for an XP computer, a Canon camera, and a card that has already been formatted . If you do not format the card first the camera will not be able to read it. 1. Open "My Computer" (Will show A Drive, C Drive etc) 2. Put Card Reader into USB socket in computer (Shows "Removable Disk " a (MORE)

How do you put a sd card in a computer?

if it is a laptop the hole will be on the right. the part that sais SD card should face up. If not you will need to purchase a SD usb reader, which can be purchased from walmart.

How do you load pictures from computer onto an SD card?

Put the SD card into the card reader. Look in MY Computer and find the card. It will usually have an assigned drive letter higher than D. Open that file, then drag and drop the images from the computer onto the window. The images will be copied onto the card, and the originals will remain on the com (MORE)

Can you put SD cards into computers?

Yes. Many newer computers include SD card readers. For the older ones, you can purchase a small SD card reader that plugs into your USB port..

Pictures from sd card onto your computer?

There is usually an SD card slot on the front of the computer, or on the side if it's a laptop. Just plug it in and you should be able to use it like a USB device. An Autoplay option should come up and you can drag and drop the photos onto your computer. If that doesn't work, insert the SD card into (MORE)

Where can you put music onto your sd card?

You need an SD card reader (some printers now have them built in). You also need to convert your music files (if they are MP3) they need to be converted to M4A - you can download a freeware program that will do this (though the conversion is slow). It is called WinFF. Then you can use your windows e (MORE)

How do you Scan a photo onto your computer?

You would need to have a scanner hooked up to your computer. An alternative method would be using a digital camera to take a picture of the photo and transferring it that way.

How do you get photos from your phone onto the computer?

There are a number of methods and not all methods will work on every phone-computer combination. 1) Connect the phone and computer with a cable (typically the necessary cable will have been supplied with your phone). On your computer search for your phone which will typically be shown as a drive (MORE)

I cant put photos on your sd card from my phone why?

Well, usually there's no place for the sim card from your phone onto the computer to transport. If there is, try putting your sd card in the slot along with the sim card. open both files and put them side-by-side, and then click and drag. If this doesn't work, sorry!

How do you get a DVD onto an sd card?

First, you'll want to rip it using a ripping tool. Note that copyrighted DVDs cannot be ripped normally, or easily, if at all. Tools such as MagicISO, Nero, and others can be used for normal ripping. Then, you'll need an SD card with a formatted capacity of 4.7 GHz or more. Generally SDHC cards wi (MORE)

How do you download computer photos to a SD card?

Hook up the SD card to the computer then click "Save As" and save the photo (or the folder containing desired photos) under the SD card location (it might say importable disk then a #, but sometimes it doesn't).

How do you put pictures on a computer from my sd card?

You will need a sd card adaptor if your computer has a sd card slot just insert it that's all i know. Most cameras have a camera to computer connection and allow you to download direct. Some printers have multiple card readers and allow you to download from there. You can purchase a multi connecti (MORE)

How do you put photos from your computer onto a disk?

you have to have some version of Nero installed onto your computer. i have Nero 9 but u can have any. what you have to urn do is open Nero and click burn disc. then highlight want u want to add and put it on yr disc :) from mandeep lotay. heston

How do you transfer photos taken on a DSi from a SD card onto a mac book?

If your macbook has an SD reader, take the SD card out of your DSi and insert it into the reader. The macbook should automatically recognize it and an icon for the card should appear on your desktop. Photos saved to the SD card should be saved within the DCIM folder and can be moved and copied like (MORE)

Can you upload photos from SD card to PC -?

Yes you can Have to a USB adapter for memory card reading orbuilt-in go to your computer. First go on my computer you can go tostart menu for older windows version or windows 8 user need godesktop my computer. Second click your sdcard but noted it havevaries drive letter normally it's E. Third found (MORE)

How do you recover photo from sd card?

When a photo is manually deleted from sd card, it is notpermanently removed. The space that the deleted photo was stored ismarked as available for new data, but the photos is stillrecoverable as long as it is not overwritten. Nevertheless, we needa reliable recovery tool to retrieve the deleted phot (MORE)

Can an SD card hold photos?

Yes, in fact many modern digital cameras are designed to use an SD(or microSD) card to store the photos they take.