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Can you put your house mortgage in on bankruptcy?

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Yes you can, in fact, you are required to list all creditors, which would include your mortgage lenders.
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Can you put timeshare on bankruptcy and keep house and car?

All would have to be included. You do not go Bankrupt on certain things. Everything you own and everything you owe must be included, ot the case will be dropped and you could

Can a 2nd mortgage put a lien on your house for only being a month behind on payment?

  A second mortgage is secured by the home, which means they put a lien on the property as part of obtaining the loan. They recorded the lien before funding your loan. Thi

When do you have to be out of a house after bankruptcy?

Assuming you owned the house and you are the bankrupt debtor, it varies from state to state and lender to lender. If you surrendered the house, you should turn the keys over t

Can you get a reverse mortgage if you have filed bankruptcy?

Yes, a reverse mortgage does not have credit requirements. you can use one to pay your way out of a bankruptcy, or one right after a bankruptcy. However, the bankruptcy court

What happens to a reverse mortgage in bankruptcy?

A reverse mortgage is typically unaffected by bankruptcy. Only in a case where you want to surrender the home would the bankruptcy court be involved on any mortgage product ot

Can you get a reverse mortgage if you file bankruptcy?

Yes, a reverse mortgage does not have any credit requirements, however if you are in bankruptcy or filing one you may need court approval to do the reverse mortgage.

Can you get a reverse Mortgage after Bankruptcy Discharge?

But it would be unusual to own a property (certainly one with any value/equity) that could have been used to pay debtors in the BK. Yes you can get a reverse mortgage after a

Can you put a lien on a house that you own with others if you are only on the deed and not the mortgage?

    Answer   yes you can put a lien on anythig   but if you are on the deed you are an owner,so yes u can put a lien on the house       *   

Will filing bankruptcy eliminate mortgage debt?

Bankruptcy can eliminate a mortgage debt however normally bankruptcy is not necessary to eliminate a 1st trust deed. The home simply can go back to the lender in a foreclosure

What happens to a mortgage in chapter 11 bankruptcy?

  A C-11 is normally only for Corporations. It is a re-organization type of BK.   The mortgage is like any other secured debt, and the creditor will be paid by the agre

Can you file chapter 7 bankruptcy keep your house but get rid of a second mortgage?

If the payments are current, or if an agreement can be made with the lender, and the exemption covers the equity, a house can usually be kept. Second mortgages are dischargea

In Texas can you buy a house and then declare bankruptcy to clear credit card debt so you can afford to pay the mortgage on the house?

Yes, but it is also called "Fraud." ans Well EVERYTHING you own and EVERTHING you owe is included in your free buthole and the BK. You do not pick and chose, you lie and c

Where do you get a mortgage loan after bankruptcy?

  Answer     I just talked to a friend of mine today about this. She says that if you do not have any late payments sent your bankruptcy discharge your credit is

How does a bankruptcy dismissal effect getting a mortgage?

  During the bankruptcy period you cannot borrow any money at all and not even operate a bank account properley. Once discharged (now 12 months) you are legally able to ap

How do you get a mortgage with open bankruptcy?

  For the most part you cannot do so until after the bankruptcy process has completed. Practically there will be no lenders who would consider offering a loan as the court