Can you put your house mortgage in on bankruptcy?

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Yes you can, in fact, you are required to list all creditors, which would include your mortgage lenders.
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Would you be asked to put a mortgage on your house to pay your bills if you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Answer . No. But if you have equity in your home it may not be the best approach.\n. \nA chapter 13 is designed for a situation where the person has equity or is behind on

How do you get title to your house after your ex filed for bankruptcy and stuck you with a large mortgage?

Sorry, but I don't see how this could happen. Was your ex granted the house in the divorce proceedings. Or were you still on the title? If you want to email me perhaps we coul

Can you file chapter 7 bankruptcy keep your house but get rid of a second mortgage?

If the payments are current, or if an agreement can be made with the lender, and the exemption covers the equity, a house can usually be kept. Second mortgages are dischargeab

If you file chapter 7 bankruptcy and are discharged can a creditor later put a judgment against you for a mortgage on property you surrendered to them when you filed the bankruptcy?

No. The creditor can foreclose on the property (and virtually always do) since that is the way they get your name off of the deed and someone else's name on it. And, during th

Can you file bankruptcy on a second mortgage but not on the original one so you can keep your house?

NO. Bankruptcy applies to ALL your financial dealings, without exception. You cannot pick and choose which things will be included.. Bankruptcy means that you are SO FAR IN D

Is housing mortgage included in bankruptcy?

Lets start with a thing doesn't file BK...a this or a that...YOU file bankruptcy. It involves everything you owe and everything you own. . Some certain things may be exempt

Can you put timeshare on bankruptcy and keep house and car?

All would have to be included. You do not go Bankrupt on certain things. Everything you own and everything you owe must be included, ot the case will be dropped and you could

Can you file bankruptcy against a lien someone put on your house?

You don't file BK against a lien...YOU file bankrutpcy...and it includes everything you owe and everything you own. So the debt that needs to be cleared the lien is securing w

If there's 2 people on the deed and mortgage one files bankruptcy and includes the house?

The person filing BK MUST include all assets (the house) and all liabilites (the mortgage)...must..not an option. How it effects the other owner(s) depend on how they own the

Can you keep your house if you file for bankruptcy on a second mortgage?

Filing BK can cost anywhere from about $1,000 and up, based upon the atetrnoy and how complicated your case is. Seek out a reputable BK atetrnoy. He will, most likely petition