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Can you receive disability for skin cancer surgery on the face and hand?

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What kind of Disability are you talking about? SSI, SDI, Individual Policy, Group Policy? What is the insuring clause? How long will you be unable to work?
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Can animals get skin cancer?

Any animal, or organism that has skin, can get skin cancer. Though, it may be a little bit different than the skin cancer of humans. My friend has this naked cat, which they c

Does plastic surgery damage your skin?

Well, It depends. If you are a freak over getting plastic surgery your skin will not look damaged but will be damaged; and your face no offence or anything but will look total

How do you treat skin cancer on face?

I have had a heart shaped skin cancer for over a year, located on my left cheek just below my eye. It was beginning to itch and turning black. I live in Costa Rica and have 2

What is a treatment for skin cancer?

  MOHS micrographic surgery is a highly specialized technique for removing skin cancers that offers patients an excellent chance for cure.

Can you receive disability and retirement benefits?

I do. I have received disability since 2005 and just started 2010 drawing my portion of my x's retirement. I didn't receive enough in disability to file a return but now with