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Can you receive unemployment benefits in Texas if you were fired due to absences for medical reasons?

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I have had to take a lot of time off from work because of chronic back pain, i am close to be written up for absences, and don't think I can continue in my postion it is very physical I see a doctor quite often. My job is not a good fit for me physically, please help.
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Can you draw unemployment due to medical reasons?

Workers Comp is for workers who were injured or became ill due to working conditions. It would be preferable to attempting to qualify for unemployment benefits.

If you were fired can you still receive Texas unemployment?

Among many reasons Texas will allow you to collect unemployment is if you were fired through no work related faults of your own (i.e. misconduct, thievery, violation of compan

Can you get fired while on medical leave of absence and draw unemployment?

Here in Canada your employer can not fire you for taking a leave. As long as you have a Dr's note or government note saying you can not work for how ever long, there is nothin

Can you get unemployment benefits if you receive Social Security benefits in Texas?

Yes, if you meet eligibility requirements for both programs. Texas repealed the Social Security offset regulations that reduced unemployment compensation for people who wer