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Can you receive unemployment benefits in Texas if you were fired due to absences for medical reasons?

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I have had to take a lot of time off from work because of chronic back pain, i am close to be written up for absences, and don't think I can continue in my postion it is very physical I see a doctor quite often. My job is not a good fit for me physically, please help.
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Can you get unemployment benefits if you receive Social Security benefits in Texas?

Yes, if you meet eligibility requirements for both programs. Texas repealed the Social Security offset regulations that reduced unemployment compensation for people who were

How long does it take to get unemployment benefits in Texas?

It takes around 3 weeks. During heavy filing periods maybe 4 weeks but it took me 3 weeks. The unemployment office takes 14 days from the date they mailed the letter to the em

Can you collect unemployment in Texas if you get fired?

You are usually eligible to receive unemployment benefits even if you were fired so long as you were not fired for "gross misconduct," the definition of which is determined by

Are unemployment compensation benefits taxable in Texas?

There is no state income tax in Texas, so there is no state tax to worry about. Benefits earned in 2008 are fully taxable for federal purposes. The first $2400 of benefits

How long do unemployment benefits last in Texas?

  12 months...you have one year from the initial file date to continue collecting unemployment benefits, provided you have worked long enough prior to your claim to have e

Can a full time student receive unemployment benefits in the state of Texas?

Not likely because you have to be willing, able, available, and seeking full time employment, which being a full time student would be difficult. Actually YES, you can and as

Can pastors receive unemployment benefits?

I'm so sorry for your loss. Been there. Generally, you can't receive benefits since churches are not required by law to pay into unemployment insurance for their employees. So

Can you draw unemployment if you are fired in Texas?

Yes, as long as you were not fired because of violation of major policies, gross negligence in your job, or a demonstrated inability to do your job. You will be asked questio

How long can you receive benefits for unemployment?

The average state benefit is for 26 weeks (payable within a 52 week period). Federal extensions increase the time received, but it depends on the state and the unemployment ra

Can you receive unemployment benefits if you quit your job?

Unemployment Comp if I quit my jobYou do need to check with your state's Dept of Labor and find out their rules. However, an individual may sometimes receive unemployment if t