Can you recommend a good 3D TV for gaming?

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3D television is an emerging technology and the market is changing fast. There are two type of 3D television, one that uses active glasses and the other that uses passive glasses.

The passive glasses are considered to have less flicker but at the expense of some resolution. Active glasses have been criticized for flicker but as the technology develops this is likely to become far less of an issue.

The only way to decide if a particular model is right for you is to see it and experience 3D on it. Your own perception of flicker and general quality is the best way to assess the latest products and models.
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Late 2011 will see the release of Sony's branded Playstation 3D TV. At $499 (in the US) the PS 3D TV will come in a 24 inch display that's perfect for small rooms. You'll be a

What are the benefits of passive 3D TV can you recommend a good passive 3D TV?

Passive 3D uses polarizing glasses to direct alternate lines to each eye. The process avoid the use of alternate frames being directed to each eye as is done with active 3D.