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Can you reduce amperage by using thicker wire with a constant voltage?

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The amperage flowing through a wire is directly related to the load placed on the circuit, and has nothing to do with wire size, except that a larger wire will carry more amperage. Increasing wire size will not lower amperage but will allow the circuit to carry more amperage if the breaker is also increased in size.  
No. Ohm's law tells us that V = IR. For a given load, R is constant, and thus the only way to reduce current is to increase voltage.
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Amperage, or current, is a measure of the amount of electrons  moving in a circuit.   Voltage is a measure of how much force those electrons are under.   In a circuit

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Answer   High amperage with low voltage won't conduct through tissue. High voltage with low amperage will conduct through tissue but will not cause tissue damage. Volta
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What is the standard voltage and amperage in Toronto Canada?

The standard home voltage connection is single phase 120/240 volts. The amperage is what ever the service size requires. For new homes it is usually 200 amps. For business vol