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Can you reduce amperage by using thicker wire with a constant voltage?

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The amperage flowing through a wire is directly related to the load placed on the circuit, and has nothing to do with wire size, except that a larger wire will carry more amperage. Increasing wire size will not lower amperage but will allow the circuit to carry more amperage if the breaker is also increased in size.  
No. Ohm's law tells us that V = IR. For a given load, R is constant, and thus the only way to reduce current is to increase voltage.
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What is the amperage rating for Rh wires?

The ampere rating of wire would depend on the diameter, length and usage of wire for specific purpose. Without additional input to the question. it will be hard to give an acc

What is the difference between amperage and voltage?

Amperage, or current, is a measure of the amount of electrons  moving in a circuit.   Voltage is a measure of how much force those electrons are under.   In a circuit

What is the amperage rating for 750 MCM aluminum wire?

A 750 MCM aluminum wire with an insulation factor of 75 or 90 degrees C is rated at 385 and 405 amps respectively.

What is the difference between voltage and amperage?

Voltage is the "pressure" of electricity, whereas amperage (current) is the "flow" of electricity. Voltage can be present without amperage (at a switch in the off position), b

How does a constant voltage source work?

A: A voltage source ideally is an infinite potential which has a infinite impedance. until a load or current is allow to flow it is just there waiting as a potential ready to

Does a thicker wire equal more resistance?

  No, a thicker wire has less resistance. Resistance (for a given material and length) is basically proportional to the cross-sectional area of a wire. So a wire with twic

How do you reduce Ripple voltage?

  You reduce ripple voltage by adding a low-pass filter.   In the simplest case, you put a capacitor after the rectifier. The peak voltage will be the rectifier output

What is the amperage rating of 795 MCM aluminum wire?

795 MCM is not a standard size wire. The following is not a free air rating but is for, not more that 3 aluminum conductors in a raceway. 750 MCM AL 90 degree C wire is rated

What instrument is used to measure amperage?

A: it is actually a meter that reads voltage caused by current flow. Basically any voltmeter can measure current flow by measuring the voltage drop across a very small [in val