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Can you reduce amperage by using thicker wire with a constant voltage?

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The amperage flowing through a wire is directly related to the load placed on the circuit, and has nothing to do with wire size, except that a larger wire will carry more amperage. Increasing wire size will not lower amperage but will allow the circuit to carry more amperage if the breaker is also increased in size.  
No. Ohm's law tells us that V = IR. For a given load, R is constant, and thus the only way to reduce current is to increase voltage.
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Can you reduce amperage by using thicker wire or will this only avoid energy loss overheating and melting?

Normal household current is carried over a 10/2 wire. This is good to carry up to 20 amps. The more amps you wish to carry the larger the wire required. The smaller the number

What is the relationship between voltage and amperage?

Answer . Voltage indicates the potential difference between two points. Ampere is the unit for current, indicating the magnitude of current. Voltage is due to which th

Is it okay to use thicker cable to avoid voltage drop?

It is mandatory to use a larger wire size to overcome voltage drop at the load.

What is amperage and voltage?

Amperage is the measure of electrical current, which is the measure of the electron flow through something (like a wire). The more electrons that flow through the wire, the h

True or false if the voltage and resistance of a circuit stay constant the amperage can never change?

The equation for the three values in the question will give the definite answer. Amperage (I) is equal to the voltage (E) divided by the resistance (R). I= E / R So as you c

Transformers are used to increase the voltage and reduce the current in overhead power lines but wont increasing the voltage subsequently increase the current as resistance is a constant?

You're assuming that the line is dead shorted. In that case, assuming zero source impedance, current would increase as well. In reality, source impedance often limits the very

Does voltage or amperage kill?

Ampers are the ones that kill. But if there is too little voltage the electricity will not get through your body. On the other hand if theres 100000volts. and like 0.0000001 a

What is CLT wire and why can it with stand higher amperages and voltages than other wires types of the same size?

I researched CLT wire and found 2 possibilities. One is a heat trace cable and the other is a current limiting FLAT 2 conductor cable for 12 and 24 volt systems. I can only gu