Can you rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time?

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Yes, if you've got the skill. Pat pat, rub rub! I can do it!
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Why do people rub or pat your back when they hug you?

This is a strange phenomenon that happens to a lot of people. . On one hand, patting can indicate that the hugger is a little uncomfortable with hugging and doesn't know what to do with his hands or how to remain in the embrace for an extended period of time.. On the other hand, back-rubbing can (MORE)

Does rubbing alcohol do anything if for example an toddler hits his head on a table and you rub it on his head?

I believe that rubbing alcohol should be for cleaning certain wounds, such as helping to relieve the itch of mosquito bites, etc. I would be careful about putting it on a toddler without checking with a medical person. I find that your neighbor Pharmacist will be helpful in ansewring a lot of non-th (MORE)

Why does a cat rubs its head against you?

Answer: Cats have scent glands along the tail, on each side of their head, on their lips, base of their tail, chin, near their sex organs, and between their front paws. They use these glands to scent mark their territory. When the cat rubs you, he is marking you with his scent, claiming you as "his (MORE)

Is rubbing alcohol and alcohol the same thing?

Careful with this one - because the answer is yes AND no. Rubbing alcohol is AN alcohol, but it's NOT what people mean when they say just plain "alcohol". Alcohol (in common usage) is ethyl-alcohol (a 2 carbon molecule), whereas rubbing alcohol is methyl-alcohol (a one carbon molecule) which is qu (MORE)

Do leopard geckos like tummy rubs?

it depends on how close you are to your leopard gecko. for instance, when my sister goes into my room, my leopard gecko hides in her cave. if i go into my room, she comes out of her cave and watches me. she loves tummy rubs, only if i give them. she didnt always like tummy rubs. she had to like me f (MORE)

Why does cats rub their heads on objects?

If a cat rubs on a object, then it is adding it's sent to it, as a way of making the thing it's teritory. If it rubs it's face on you that is a sign of affection and love.

Why is your molly rubbing your sail fin mollies tummy?

It's hard to understand exactly what you mean. But if one Molly is rubbing the underside of another mollies' tummy then in all probabillty the one doing the rubbing is a male and it is trying to mate with the other one.

Why does your cat rub her head on your hand?

It's a cats way of showing affection and getting you to pay attention to it. In the process of rubbing the cat leaves a bit of its body scent, thus marking the object or person rubbed. It's the cats way of saying "this is mine".

Why do cats rub their heads against your face?

When a cat rubs his face against an object, he is leaving his scent. There's a gland located in the face, that produces this scent. This is to help him know who, and what is his territory. So when a cat rubs his face against yours he is leaving his scent on you.

When do you start tummy time in an infant?

Tummy Time should begin as soon as you're home from the hospital. This way, baby learns to accept it as part of their regular routine. Since TT can help prevent developmental delays by strengthening neck, arms and core muscles, it is an important part of baby's day while awake. Start in small spurts (MORE)

What happens if you rub budda's head?

Nothing Budha is a flase god. Jesus the son of god is the ONE TRUE GOD. The only way thorugh salvation is him Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the father but by me. John 14,6

Why does your cat bite when you rub him past his head?

Many cats act differently, if a cat has been treated well all of his life, it may let you pet him freely, wherever. But, if you rescued him from a shelter, it may be wary to have anybody touch him. Build up trust, try giving him treats whenever you are petting him, so that it gets it off his mind. O (MORE)

Does a girl like you if she is nice to you and pats you on the head?

Two possible situations: 1) She likes you, but it is probably just platonic. Try flirting back and just see where things go. Right now it's not anything that wouldn't be associated with just being friendly. 2) You are a cat, and she is petting you on the head because she likes kitties. Try purring (MORE)

What happened when you rub a balloon in your head?

electrons are transferred from your hair to the balloon . so ballon gets a negative charge . so there is a transfer of energy when you rub your hair with balloon and static electricity is produced P.S. : HAIR SHOULD BE DRY

What does it mean when a guy pats your head?

Guy patting you on the head means your short, that's good since short girls are a turn on for guys. The flirty guys wont stare at ugly chicks or babes that don't interest them. So at the very least he finds you attractive and wants to do you. You know his reputation and from the sounds of it you wil (MORE)

Does an unborn baby feel anything when the mother rubs their tummy?

Yes. How can you tell? 1. If you rub your tummy and your baby stops moving, or slows down, or changes their movement, this might mean they have felt you rubbing! 2. If you tap your tummy and they tap or kick back, then they have definitely felt you! 3. Even if you don't physically feel a (MORE)

Can rub your head for luck?

I am sure in some religions/philosophies that have to do with energy forces this could make sense. If your going to gamble with high stakes I wouldn't count on it but if it is something small then try it out. Maybe even try it out with meditation if your going for the cool religious energy.

Is it racist to rub a black man on the head?

Yes... and No. Rubbing the head of a black man has historically been an insulting gesture from the antiquated days of slavery in the United States. As the myth went: "Rub a n*gger on his head and you'll steal all his good luck!" . Black men who are aware of their history, therefore, may generall (MORE)

What does the expression patting the eagles head mean?

The Monroe doctrine states that the United States would resist allEuropean expansion in Latin America. In 1895, the British and Venezuelans had a border conflict. Citingthe Monroe Doctrine, President Cleveland urged Congress to form acommittee to study the line, and if need be, intervene militarily. (MORE)