How can you re-register your car from the state of Virginia to the state of Mississippi if you have been stationed overseas?

Simple. I too was in the military stationed in Mississippi. Simply take your title or registration to the tax assessor's office, pay the $5.00 transfer fee, then tag your car (MORE)

If you have the VIN but not the old plate mumber how would you re-register the car without your parents finding out?

Your obvious criminal intent is bad enough. But the fact is that without the title for the car you will never get it registered as the registration and plates go laong with th (MORE)
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Crockery Outlets In Delhi NCR?

Now I dont know how to ask my qs more clearly. All I need is to buy good quality dinner sets, cuttlery and other crockery stuffs.
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What is Delhi NCR stand for?

It stands for. The National Capital Region (NCR) in India is an informal name for the conurbation or metropolitan area which encompasses the entire National Capital Territory (MORE)

Can a Maryland Car owner allow a relative to use his car in another state over a long period of time without registering the car in the other state?

Yes, but there are some complications to keep in mind. The registration states the owner resides in Maryland, not that the car does. However, MD has a mandatory insurance la (MORE)

Can you register your car without insurance?

Generally not. Virtually all states have "financial responsibility laws" that require certain levels and types of insurance to register a car or truck. In all cases, the insur (MORE)