Can you see autopsy pictures of celebrities?

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Go to celebritymorgue. They have people like JFK, John Dillinger, Marilyn Monroe and so forth.Also check findadeath. They have some photos. Most are death scene and open casket photos though. No autopsy photos that I know of.
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When was Tupac's autopsy picture released?

its a fake picture, the proof is, he's missing more than two tatoo's and ive studied alot on him, hes alive, but who knows where he is. he'll be back ya'll don't worry. and PA

Are there autopsy pictures on Robert Kennedy?

Yes, most autopsy (especially those involved with a homicide) do have pictures taken of the corpse and the injuries to the body since they may very well be used in a criminal
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Can I see an autopsy?

If you want to see one without having to go to medical school, or work at the coroner's office, you can watch them on You Tube. But be forewarned, they're not for the squeamis
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Are their autopsy pictures of John F. Kennedy?

Yes. These are available on google images. You can clearly see the wounds caused by the bullets and the brain itself. I believe if you type in John F Kennedy autopsy on google