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No. The images in Google Earth were all taken by satellites, so there is not that level of detail.

Actually you can you have to go to latitude 45° 7'22.31"N and longitude 123° 6'48.24"W you can't see faces but its pretty clear.

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If you enter 'Street View' in Google Earth or Google Maps then you can see people but the faces should be blurred for privacy reasons. Google uses advanced blurring algorithms to identify faces and blur just the faces (as well as license plates) in the photograph.
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What is Google Earth?

Google Earth allows you to explore planet Earth like never  before, letting you see the world's geography including land masses  and formations, countries and cities and so

What did people first see the earth from above in?

The first person to see earth from above was in a Russian spacecraft named Vostok that was orbiting the earth. A bit of history The first pictures of earth from above were tak

Is Google Earth part of Google?

yes, Google Earth is a Google product with both a free and commercial/enterprise version.

Can you see Titanic shipwreck from Google Earth?

Go to 41°43'42.27"N 49°56'53.65"W and zoom in until you see the 2 halves of the Titanic. Then drag the yellow man from the right hand side of the screen and drop him in betw

Can you see inside a room by the help of Google Earth?

No. Satellites and aircraft look down to Earth when taking pictures  so only the Street View photographs could technically look inside a  door or window, but even those don'

How to download Google Earth and Google Maps?

1. Google maps You don't download google maps. Just go to google web site and in the top right hand corner click on maps. Or click on google maps URL in related links. 2.

How do you see a view from google earth?

Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographical  information program that was originally called EarthViewer 3D  created by Keyhole, Inc, a Central Intelligence Agency

Can you Google to see satellite views of the earth?

Yes, you certainly can. You can either do this through their earth or maps services. Depending on the area you wish to view, you will have access to satellite images of varyin

Can you see Howard's and Bernadette's wedding from Google Earth?

The imagery in Google Earth is on average 3 years old so you won't see a recent event immediately on Google Earth and the chance of seeing any particular short term event like

Can people on Google Plus see what websites you visit?

No one on Google Plus can see what websites you visit. In fact, Google itself cannot see your complete browsing history. The only information that Google records is what you

Can you see Area 51 in Google Earth?

You can see area 51 on Google Earth. All you have to do is type in  (Groove Lake Nevada), which is the lake next to the secret US air  force base, Area 51.

Is it illegal to see Area 51 on Google Earth?

  Not exactly. If you tried to look at any restricted areas using Google Earth, you would see a blank image with text on it saying something like: "Satellite imagery is n

Why does Google Earth never show people even in busy street scenes?

  Based on the apparent resolution of automobiles; And considering that you're looking straight down on people standing or walking around... Each person, even very fat

How do you get Google Earth?

Google Earth can be downloaded from Google.    See related links section below. If can't find URL in related links  then enter: "download google earth" in a search eng