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Can you sell assets before declaring bankruptcy?

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yes this is usually what is done, as this is how the business may pay off some debts.
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Why declare bankruptcy if you do not have any assets?

Answer   If you have no assets, then it's a great way to get rid of debt. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is FAST, and normally pretty cheap compared to what you get (all your debt

Has McBride Electric declared bankruptcy?

I used to work for McBride and May 31, 2010 after 60 years in business McBride did file for bankruptcy. Several parts of McBride in different states were acquired by other ele

How soon after a bankruptcy can you sell your house?

You have to wait until it has been discharged or dismissed. At that time the trustee's jurisdiction (control) over the house reverts back to the owner. However, if you need t

When can you sell your car after filing for bankruptcy?

What kind of bankruptcy? 7? 13? If your bankruptcy case is still open, you cannot sell without notice to the trustee and a motion to sell. If you exempted the car, the proceed

Can you be forced to sell your home if you declare bankruptcy?

  Answer   Maybe but not normally. Generally speaking, you can keep your home during a Chapter 7 case so long as you "reaffirm" the debt to the mortgage company dur

In the event of bankruptcy who has the claims on the assets?

  It depends on what assets you are talking about. Should you declare things like your house and car in your bankruptcy the bank or financier would have a claim to them fi

What do you do if your ex wants to declare bankruptcy?

Check your divorce paperwork. Usually, there's a provision within the decree stating that any financial obligations- such as alimony or child support- are still valid claims w

Can you find out if someone has declared bankruptcy?

It may be possible to find out if someone has declared bankruptcy  by running a credit check. Credit checks will pull up a person's  credit report, but it costs money to req

Can you sell property before you file bankruptcy?

Yes but the trustee can seek to include the money received in your estate. If you have sold it to family or friends to avoid losing it in bankruptcy, the trustee can have the

How can you find out when you declared bankruptcy?

  A bankrutpcy or collection lawyer can look it up if the likely court it was filed in is known. Small-town newspapers often publish all bankruptcy filings, and it might b