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Yes, but it has a different meaning. Bite as a verb is to mark or tear with teeth, like an animal bite. Bight is a curved section of rope in a knot, or a curved section of land.
Yes, bight is a word. It doesn't mean bite, though, it refers to a large bay of water, such as the Bight of Biafra. Occasionally it can be used to mean a bend in any geographical feature.
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Is a bight a landform?

no it is not but make sure just in case.bye bye answer 2 Bight is a nautical term denoting a broad bay. Whether you consider it a landform or not depends upon whether you co

What is a bight?

A bight is a wide bay formed by a bend or curve in a shoreline.

Is bight a landform?

it is a break in a coastline formed by a creek, its a shallow bay. So, it is not a landform. (it can also mean loop or coil in a rope)

Do hamsters bight?

They might bite you these are some of the reasons: you have just ate something and haven't washed your hands and then pick them up,because they will smell the food and think y

Why is the Great Australian Bight called the Great Australian Bight?

A bight is a bend in the coast that forms an open bay. The Great Australian Bight is such a bend, forming a massive open bay on the southern coast of Australia. Hence, "Great"

Do sharks bight?

Not all sharks bite, the types of sharks that do bite humans and or kill would be, Bull sharks which live in lakes and rivers usually (ST. Lawrence river.) Tiger sharks would

Can goats bight?

Goats and sheep have very sharp teeth, so it is not a good idea to put your fingers in their mouths. But they do not bite or nip when they fight or to defend themselves (like

What does the Georgia Bight do?

The Georgia Bight is a bend in the coastline. Because of how inland the mainland lies, tropical systems have less of an impact. It isn't impossible for the bight to be impacte

What are bights?

Depending on the context (usage), a bight [as a noun] may be a bayor gulf, a river bend, the body of water surrounded by such a bend(like an oxbow...), the middle part of a ro