Can you still be in love with your spouse if you committed adultery with your ex?

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You tell u still love him? i however don't think so..if u did u would have controlled yourself and acted like an adult. By cheating on him you proved that you have zero respect for him and that your either still in love with your ex (if that) or u want to have 2 much fun to be married to one man and be devoted
You might love your husband, but you don't respect him. Concern for the other person's happiness and well beign is an important element of love. How would you feel if your husband cheated on you?
What are the reasons that you decided to have an affair with an ex? You must have some dissatisfaction in your marriage.  
Yes you can. There is different degrees of love. Obviously you are not getting all you need from your spouse. I understand completely why you turned to your ex. I too have done the same thing. Infact, I have been doing this for 2 years now.
I love my husband. He is the father of my children, a great provider, and so on. He is a great lover and so fort, but he lacks when it comes to being there emotionally for me. I get this from my ex.
My ex, I can talk to him about anything and everything. He can make me laugh like no one else. I can tell him my secrets, my dreams and my desires, and he wont make me feel bad. And we can make love like there is no tomorrow. He has a wife and kids, and I have a husband and kids. Neither one of us want to hurt anyone, so we continue this, hurting ourselves.
I love my ex and I love my husband. I get something from each one of them that I dont get from the other. I know this is wrong, but I dont want to hurt anyone for my own happiness. I know that doesnt make sense, but we plan on no one finding out. We dont want to hurt others.
Good luck  
Look if you have to ask and you also committed adultery, I highly doubt it. What kind of love does that. We are all human and have wants and needs. If you need to be with your ex you should have not only had respect for yourself but for your spouse to tell them before the deed was done. If your relationship had been strong you would not strayed in the first place. Humans are creatures of habit and we form attachments to things in our life whether it be a person or an object and sometimes it is hard to leave things behind. Still there is no good excuse or reason for betraying the spouse and an heart felt apology is in order and you need to ask their feelings on how they want to proceed with the relationship and swallow what you created. This happens all the time, your not a horrible person just one that made a very poor decision. Life is too short to waste on the what if's and the we should have, make a clear path for yourself and stick to it, I promise there will be less strife in your life. Good luck.
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