Can you substitute soy sauce for butter or vegetable oil when cooking?

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Not chemically. Soy sauce can be substituted for salt in many recipes, but it does not contain the fats of butter or oil, which are often necessary for building textures or other chemical changes in the recipe.
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Can you substitute apple sauce for oil butter or margarine in a recipe?

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Can butter substituted for vegetable oil?

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Can vegetable oil be substituted for butter in baking?

No. In many baking recipes, a combination of butter and sugar provides a solid base. Once the batter is baked, the butter melts over time and is spread evenly throughout the g
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How much butter to substitute cooking oil?

If the cooking oil is given in grams (or a weight measure), it's the same weight. If it's given in mils (or a liquid measure), melt the butter and use the same amount.
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Why does the cooking oil floats up when mixed with soy sauce?

Oil and water don't mix. This is because oil is composed of "nonpolar" molecules, and water molecules are "polar." Since they can't mix, the denser substance sinks to the bot