Can you take Viagra and cipralex together?

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yes according to me
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Can you take vicoden and Viagra together?

i haven't read anywhere that the are or aren't any negative ordangerous drug interactions but my doctor did prescribe both at the same time so i can only assume that there isn

Can you take Viagra with Wellbutrin together?

Yes ... if prescribed by a physician who is using Wellbutrin to treat depression, ADHD or smoking cessation attempts, in a patient who is also being treated for erectile dysfu

Can you take Viagra and Lortab together?

Yes. Aside from any interactions that may occir due to anunderlying problem, these two drugs are safe to take together.While the common use of these two drugs together are to

Can you take sotalol and Viagra together?

While Sotalol is descibed for people with arrhythmia's which could indicate heart diseases. There is no contra indication for the use of sotalol and sildenafil.

Can you take Viagra and cialis together?

There is no chemical side effect if both are taken. But both contain sildenafil citrate which increases blood flow. Taking sildenafil more than require can be harmful because
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Can you take Viagra and clonidine together?

Of course you CAN. however before you combine any medication check with your doctor. Also -internet is probably not the best place to get sound medical advice!