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Can you take Viagra when you already take oxycodone 30mg?

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Yes. If you are taking Oxycodone you may need Viagra.
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What happens when you take 30mg Ambien?

If you take 30 mg. Ambien and you never have before, you may have two problems; the first is that if youv'e never taken Ambien before, the normal dose is 10 mg. So if you deci

Is taking 12 30mg oxycodone within a 24hours fatal or overdosing?

it can be an overdose depnding on the patients opiod tollerance. if you have a high opiod tol you can concevably take 900mg of Oxycontin per day i know because i used to take

What can you take with your 30mg oxycodone to help with sever pain?

It depends whether you're taking oxycodone + Tylenol or just oxycodone alone, how often your meds are dosed and any other medications that you are already taking/other medical

If you take 30mg of oxycodone on Monday will it show up on a drug screen on Wednesday?

Most opiates take around 72 hours (3 days) to leave your system completely, so there is a pretty good chance you will fail the test. If you have an exceptionally fast metaboli

When do you take Viagra?

Viagra may be prescribed by your doctor for erectile dysfunction. You then take Viagra a few minutes before having sex. Do not take Viagra if it has not been prescribed for y

What happens if you take 30mg of adderall?

Probably nothing. Do you have a prescription for Adderall? If you have ADD, then it will make you feel more calm and help you focus on completing your task. If you don't have