Can you take a camera?

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No, that would be stealing. You must buy a camera, or make one yourself.
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Can you take a camera in my hand luggage?

You can take a camera in your carry-on luggage, but I can't take a camera in your carry-on luggage because I don't have your carry-on luggage.. I would suggest that if you DO

How do digital cameras take pictures? press a certain button which is place fixed on the top of the camera and then you press that button and magically takes a picture for you

If you have a digital camera how do you take out the photos?

Either you hook it up to a computer, or you remove the memory card from the camera and connect it to a card reader that's hooked to the computer. To add to this you may not ha

What a camera takes?

a camera takes pics,you can also put vids and i guess some cameras have music:)
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Can you take a camera on the plane?

I have never personally found that a camera is not allowed on a plane. I have carried my camera on a strap around my neck many times and was allowed to take photos. I would be