Can you take a second health insurance policy in order to get your husband covered because the first policy won't cover a spouse?

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yes. but cheaper to find dif. ins. co. that will cover you both on same policy.
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If your spouse was not listed on your policy and had an accident in your vehicle that has full coverage does your policy cover repairs on it?

Your auto insurance automatically covers all family members that live in the household. However, by not listing your spouse as a driver you have not disclosed all the licensed drivers in the household, which is one of the questions on the application. Since the premiums you have paid did not reflect (MORE)

If your spouse hits your car and you are on the same policy will insurance cover the accident?

Answer . \nYes, and your spouse will end up with an at-fault accident on their record. The collision deductible will apply to the damage on the car that your spouse was driving and there will not be a deductible for the damage to the parked car.. Answer . Maybe. Check with your agent, but s (MORE)

How is the primary policy for health insurance determined when a child is covered under both divorced parents' policies?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nI would say use both insurance's because neither of them pay 100%. Use one insurance for primary and let the other insurance pick up what the other one doesn't pay. Kind of like a supplemental insurance.\n. \n Answer \n. \nAbsolutely use both. If you get to make the (MORE)

Do home insurance policies cover or discount on home repairs?

Home insurance policies cover all kinds of mishaps and repairs. The discount is called the deductible. When you purchase a policy you select a deductible amount of damage or loss that you pay for first and they pay the difference afterwards. The $100 deductible cost more per month than a $500 or $10 (MORE)

What personal property is covered in homeowners insurance policy?

ALL Personal property owned or borroewd by insured is covered INHOME AND anywhere in the world while on vacation. BUT, If you at asecond home like a cabin you own in Tahoe the coverage will bedecreased to 10% of amount covered in Coverage C. Any relativeliving with you stuff is covered also. Roomate (MORE)

What a second health insurance covers..Does a second health insurance cover the co-payment from the first one?

Generally, if the first insurance carrier pays on a claim, there is still a co-payment left that will be paid by the secondary insurer. If a patient has Medicare as a primary insurance carrier, it will pay 80% of the allowed amount, leaving 20% to be paid by either the patient or secondary carrier. (MORE)

Does a person have to be employed to be cover under a company policy for health insurance?

Companies that provide health insurance to their employees often extend that coverage to the dependents of employees as well. So, one way to be covered under an employer-sponsored plan is to be a dependent (child, spouse or domestic partner) of an employee. Through a federal law known as COBRA, (MORE)

Which type of health insurance policy may not cover all of your health insurance needs or may deny benefits if you lose your job?

Most people get health insurance through their job. Most insurance companies prefer to get one check to insure 100 people than to get 100 different checks. Since you have health insurance through your job when you lose your job, your old company no longer takes care of the paperwork. Most health ins (MORE)

Does primary insurance cover a crime policy?

The question is unclear as posed. A "crime policy" is one that is intended to cover an organization for a stated range of risks and losses. The term "primary policy" is generally used to descrive a basic, underlying layer of coverage of some type. Therefore, there can exist a "primary" layer of c (MORE)

Will homeowners insurance policy cover black mold removal?

Since the mid 1990's, All homeowners policies exclude coverage for mold, mildew and fungus. This is generally considered a maintenance issue or lack thereof unless the mold is resultant of a loss caused by a covered peril. Some companies do offer a mold coverage endorsement for an additional premiu (MORE)

Are there any insurance policies that will cover dental makeovers?

Dental makeovers involve whitening, veneers, and implants to improve the look of a person's teeth. Some insurance policies will cover some if these treatments if the patient can prove that it was done for medical reasons and was not strictly cosmetic. The best way to locate an insurance policy is to (MORE)

What is covered under the Celtic health insurance policy?

"Celtic health insurance covers different things depending on where you live, so it depends on the state. The states that have Celtic health insurance are Colorado, Arizona,California,Connecticut,Florida, Georgia,Ohio,Illinois,Maryland,Missouri,New Jersey, Pennsylvania,Texas, and Virginia."

Does car insurance cover the driver if he is not on the policy?

It may and it may not. It depends on the definitions of an "insured" driver under the terms of your insurance policy and the type of insurance policy you bought. Most standard policies will extend coverage to certain drivers you have given permissive use while others such as low cost "Named Drive (MORE)

Is spouse of named insured covered on homeowner's policy?

Not Necessarily no. If your spouse is not listed on the policy thenit may be a matter of state law. Your Should contact your insurer and make sure your spouse islisted as a named insured on your policy if you want coverageextended to your Spouse. This will insure your spouse is coveredand avoid amb (MORE)

Are there insurance policies that cover only custodial care?

An insurance policy that covers custodial or personal care is a long term care insurance, generally, long term care insurance covers things that are not covered by health insurance. If you are unable to perform activities of daily living, or need assistance due to disability and chronic illness, lon (MORE)

What does a commercial insurance policy cover?

A commercial insurance policy covers any court and/or attorney costs, loss of income and other such expenses if a lawsuit is involved. It does not cover incidences where willful neglect is involved.

Will your insurance cover your car if your son is not on your policy?

More than likely they will not pay the claim as you violated the terms of the policy by not making them aware of all drivers and household residents. This is called material misrepresentation of the contract. If you don't pay the premium for your son to be on the policy why should the insurance comp (MORE)

How do you remove spouse from auto insurance Husband is disabled living permanently in a long term care facility does not drive or even own a car Insurance won't remove him from the policy?

The first thing you need to determine is if having your husband named on the policy is causing your premium to be higher than if his name wasn't on there? If the answer is NO, there is no valid reason to pursue having him removed. Drop the issue. If including his name is causing higher premiums, (MORE)

What is covered by a trade credit insurance policy?

Trade Credit Insurance is a type of insurance which is offered to businesses. The insurance policy covers accounts receivable, guards against bankruptcy, and protects the business against credit risks.

What is normally covered by accidental life insurance policies?

Accidental life insurance typically pays out a predetermined sum of money in the event of a persons death. However, this predetermined sum of money will not be paid out if the persons death was not determined to be an accident, such as if they committed suicide or died of old age complications.

What does a course of construction insurance policy cover?

A course of construction policy is insurance purchased by a builder to cover materials, fixtures, equipment, and the building itself. As the name implies, it is only good during the course of construction, or as long as the work is going on.

Does any health insurance policy covers expenses on outpatient treatment in India?

Normally health insurance policies cover only expenses incurred asinpatient. But Star Health Gain Plan also covers out-patientbenefit which include cost for Pre-existing condition, dentalexpenses, pre and post natal care. It covers outpatient benefitsup-to specified limits on the sum assured opted a (MORE)