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Can you take laxatives while being pregnant?

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It isn't wise, but if you need relief, try prune juice, a fiber suppliment, or glycerin suppositories.
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Is there any pain pill you can take while being pregnant?

You can take paracetamol while pregnant. But not as freely as when you are not pregnant, specially during first trimester.

Is it okay to take prenatal vitamins while being pregnant?

Yes!!!! Please take the vitamins. The vitamins contain an essential nutrient called Folic Acid. Folic Acid is important to the devloping baby. The Folic Acid helps the proper

What damages can taking narcotics while being pregnant have?

Yes! there are reasons you need a prescription for there pills, and they shouldn't ever be such an addiction that you need to take them while you are pregnant. No damages were

Can you take movicol while being pregnant?

Only if your doctor find it absolutely necessary. Being constipated while pregnant is common so I suggest you read more about it in the link below. There you find cause and re

Can you take a laxative while on Klonopin?

Yes you can, Klonipin can make you constiopated so many doctors tell you to take a laxative while on klonipin. Hope this was helpful the laxative has nothing to do with your n

What kind of reliv can you take while being pregnant?

The best nutrition for pregnancy is Reliv Classic or Reliv NOW.  They are the flagship products of Reliv. It is for daily essential  nutrition. My younger sister had 3 C-sec

Is subutex safe to take while being pregnant?

yes it is.Subutex is prescribed instead of suboxone ..I'm currently 5 months pregnant and taking 2 8mg. pills a day. Suboxone and Subutex are just alike except subutex lacks o