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Can you take medrol dose pak with Zyrtec d?

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You can. Remember that the Medrol is very harsh on the stomach. Have some food before you take each dose! The Zyrtec-D will make you feel jittery or nervous, and sometimes the steroid might also cause some jitteriness.
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Can you take ambien and medrol dose pak together?

I am not a doctor. My doctor has prescribed both of these to me at the same time. I am very experienced with a variety of medication. Ambien and your Medrol Dose Pack are two

Can you drink while taking Zyrtec d?

There would not be any major problems, apart from becoming slightly more drowsy than you might otherwise get from either.

Can you take a medrol dose pack with hydrocodone?

Yes, methylprednisolone (Medrol Dosepak) and hydrocodone can be taken at the same time, provided your doctor says it is okay. For example, these two medications are sometimes

Can you take Zyrtec-d and NyQuil?

You should not take Zyrtec-D and NyQuil together. The drugs willinteract differently when you take them together. You should talkwith your doctor before taking them together.

Can you take Albuterol and Zyrtec d together?

Yes, this is OK. Remember that Zyrtec-D has pseudoephedrine in it. This decongestant makes you nervous and jittery sometimes. Don't take any other medications with antihistami

Can you take Zyrtec D with mucinex DM?

I'm afraid that, even though it's unlikely it would be serious, the pseudoephedrine in the Zyrtec D and the dextromethorphan in the Mucinex could interact with each other. How