Can you take the lcd screen from broken tv and replace with one that has broken screen?

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Yes easily if it is the same type of LCD screen.
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How do you fix a broken PDA screen?

Answer . \nIf the problem is that the PDA isn't tracking the stylus properly, you may be able to recalibrate the screen using a built-in utility; for PalmOS PDAs, this involves using the Digitizer preference panel.\n. \nIf there is physical damage to the screen, such as broken glass, you must r (MORE)

How do you fix broken ds screen?

Answer take it to the best buy or call the company who make the mp3 player and ask it be fix Answer if the screen is cracked, go to eBay or whatever and buy a new screen, and then you have to replace it. But replacing the screen is very hard actually, those are good ideas. here's another way to (MORE)

How do you fix a broken lcd laptop screen?

If you dont want to go to the expense of buying a new LCD screen you should set the screen in proper position straight up whenever you use it and dont tilt the screen or use it lying down if you do this for about 2-3 months it will start working like new again. This only applies to if your screen is (MORE)

How do you fix a broken laptop screen?

If you dont want to go to the expense of buying a new LCD screen you should set the screen in proper position straight up whenever you use it and dont tilt the screen or use it lying down if you do this for about 2-3 months it will start working like new again. Hope this helped (: -smileysyndrom (MORE)

Is it possible to replace a broken LCD tv screen?

The answer is yes, but without more information, it's difficult to tell how hard it'll be to do. It can also be quite expensive (usually around the original cost of the TV for a new replacement screen). If you have a LCD projector set, that too can be quite expensive unless you're able to obtain a r (MORE)

Can a LCD monitor be used as a tv screen?

Monitors by definition have no tuner, so to use one as a TV you would need a tuner card in your computer. There were some tuner boxes for that purpose but they never caught on. Some tivo type boxes will use a monitor too.. Yes it can as long as it has the correct input cables.

How can I use my LCD TV as a computer screen?

First, the connections:If your PC has a VGA connector as the display output, you need to look for a VGA connector on the back of the television. Sometimes, you might find 5 separate connectors marked as RGBHV instead, but the VGA connector is most common.If your PC has a dVI connector, look on the t (MORE)

How to fix a broken LCD TV screen?

Sadly, the days of tinkering in the back of a television to fix it are well and truly gone. Even independent TV repair companies are limited to replacing modules in LCD and Plasma screens. Anything more intricate and they have to go back to the manufacturer. Without the right parts, manuals and test (MORE)

How do you fix a broken screen on a laptop?

If you have a LCD Screen and it's broken, the only fix is to replace the screen. The screens are pretty easy to replace, usually just a plug inside the top and a couple or four screws hold it in place. The top has some tiny screws that holds the plastic halves together and are behind little rubber p (MORE)

Can the broken LCD screen on a digital camera be repaired?

Yes. Contact the warranty or service repair department and they can advise you of where to mail it or take it for repair. But if the cost of repair is more than the value of the camera, you may consider replacing the screen yourself. Replacement LCD screens can be inexpensively harvested from a br (MORE)

Does LCD TV screen damage your eyes?

Well too much of anything can be harmful. If you turned the brightness of the LCD as high as it went and stared at a white flashing screen for some time I'm pretty sure that couldn't be "good" for you. But for general use I know of no one having eye problems from using an LCD monitor. Actual (MORE)

What is the difference in a LCD and plazma screen tv?

A plasma TV is what is known as an emissive technology. Each pixelis like a tiny picture tube TV. They are coated with phosphor andglow when electricity is applied. Each pixel has a minute amount ofplasma gas in them. The picture comes right off of the surface ofthe screen. Contrary to the many myth (MORE)

Can you fix a cracked lcd tv screen?

Normally a crack in an LCD screen is the end of the screen. Replacement screens can sometimes be fitted but often, the cost of a new screen and fitting charges can exceed the cost of a new television. It is an unfortunate fact of life that automated high volume production techniques make a complete (MORE)

How do you fix a broken camera screen?

Call the manufacturer first for a price quote; it will probably cost more than a new camera, but you can ask. But if the cost is more than the value of the camera, and if you wish to attempt to repair it yourself, there are several things you can do and there are places you can buy just the LCD sc (MORE)

How do you repear a broken screen?

well u kinda cant...i mean on a ipod touch/ should just get a replacement or get apple to fix it for u..i dont think u should be messing around with the broken screen.. well unless your from apple and can fix it..then go ahead =)

How can you connect your laptop with the broken screen to your lcd tv?

To connect laptop to TV all you need is an s-video cable. You can get them at dollar stores. On most laptops, there is a plug that looks like where you would plug in a mouse on a desktop PC. On the TV you will find the same plug, its commonly used to connect DVD players. Some TVs will not have them (MORE)

Could lcd screen be replaced?

It is surprisingly easy to replace even if you are not a technical person. Replacing your laptop screen on your own is a great way to save lots of money not only on the cost of the laptop screen, but the cost of labor as well. Since most laptop manufacturers charge so much, you may try to find third (MORE)

How do you fix a broken itouch Screen?

You will need to purchase the panel (circa £86 pounds in UK) then fit it. Youtube has a couple of very good videos showing how to repair the screen display. If you dont feel capable of that then look up itouch screen repair on google and pay for a technician to fix it.

How do you manually replace a broken lcd screen for Toshiba Laptop?

Here are the simply steps you should follow to Remove LCD screen from Toshiba Laptop: 1. Remove two LCD mask seals. Remove two screws hidden under seals. 2. Put your fingers between the mask and the LCD screen and carefully release the mask latches. 3. Remove the mask. Do not hurry; twist the (MORE)

Can a broken screen be fixed on a lcd tv?

In these days of replacement rather than repair it is very likely to cheaper to buy a new TV than to have a damaged screen replaced. Spare parts have always been far more expensive than the cost of the original part and never more so than LCD display panels. If is also becoming something of a chall (MORE)

What to do if your laptop screen is broken?

First you can see if you can try to fix it yourself because probably something from the computer screen and the key board screen is loose and you can try to screw it back up using a screw driver. Second you can take it to a repair shop and have them replace yuor screen with a brand new one,but depen (MORE)

Does the apple store replace a broken ipod touch screen?

My first suggestion would be to contact Apple Care. They will let you know first off if you are in your 90 days of phone support, if you are they will let you know if you are still in warranty. But a broken screen is considered a cosmetic damage, which is not supported by warranty. You can possibly (MORE)

How do you repair a nick on a LCD TV screen?

You can't actually "repair" a nick on an LCD screen. However, there are methods you can use to diminish the visibility of the nick. The effectiveness of these methods depends on the severity of the nick: 1 - Apply a small amount of Vaseline with a soft cloth or Q-tip. Wait about 10 minutes, and the (MORE)

Can Apple fix a broken screen?

Try out self service your mobile phone. Go online browser for spare part order. Do some good search for spare parts with repair tools or Diy replacements. Next go to YouTube browse for iPhone lcd repair and follow video, replace your phone display in maximum of 25 mins. Save money. Save time going (MORE)

Where can you fix broken iPod screens?

I broke mine in October and I havent gotten it fixed yet. Apple does have a service for $99 where you bring it to them and they replace the screen, but use that more as a worse-case-scenario... I reccomend trying to find someone who can do it for cheaper, and if you can't find one, just use the appl (MORE)

Is hot lcd tv screen dangerous?

LCD screens do get warm during normal operation mostly because ofthe heat given off by the backlights. LED backlit televisions runcooler than CFL models but they still do show a temperature rise. If the television is becoming hot rather than just warm, there maybe a problem with either the televisi (MORE)

How can one fix a broken screen on their laptop?

To fix a broken laptop screen, you can purchase a used or another broken laptop, so that you can use the screen. Take off the broken screen and replace the broken screen with the new screen. There are some 'how to' books published that could help you as well.

How can one replace a LCD screen?

One can replace an LCD screen by following detailed instructions on You Tube and eHow sites for your particular screen. Essentially one needs to release the broken screen from it's moulding, unclip it from the connectors and insert the new screen. However, connections differ for all screens and one (MORE)